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If you’ve been paying any attention at all, I guarantee you’ve noticed that kids love video games. They especially love gaming systems like the Wii, where more movement and creativity is involved than traditional video games. Obviously, the new Wii U is going to be very popular among children of all ages for several reasons.

Once parents start getting their children this new gaming system, it’s going to turn hot topic of discussion among their neighborhood friends and friends at school. Be prepared to hear from your kids all about how their friends have the coolest console ever!

Even though just about every parent gives the “if all your friends jumped off a bridge” speech, we know that it’s natural to want to fit in and have things that other people have. Especially if those things are as impressive as the Wii U!

This particular gaming system makes challenging friends even more fun than usual because of the GamePad – a new controller that includes a 6.2 inch touch screen. This screen can show a different view of the game than what appears on the TV, or allow one player to have the TV dedicated to his position in the game while the GamePad shows a view dedicated to the other player’s position in the game.

That’s not all it does, though. The GamePad has other cool features, like stereo speakers, a home button that makes game pausing and system navigation a lot quicker, and a front facing camera for face to face chatting.

Of course with a camera (along with Nintendo’s social network, Miiverse, that allows for user interaction) you’re going to want to make sure your child can use it safely. You, as a concerned parent, are probably well aware that there are weirdoes and downright horrible people out there.

Luckily, there are safety controls you can set up to keep your child out of harm’s way. Of course, the responsibility still lies with you to periodically check what your child is doing and educate them on the reality of life’s dangers, but safety controls like the one provided with the Wii U make your job a little easier.

A free game called Nintentdoland comes with the deluxe version of the Wii U, and is the perfect primer for kids looking to learn the best ways to use the new GamePad. Nintendoland is a fun and versatile disc that will provide hours and hours of entertainment.

And what happens once your child decides they want more variety? Will you have to drive them to the video game store every weekend? No! The Wii U’s ability to download games make things much easier on you without adding any clutter (in the form of video game discs and the cases they come in) to your home.

Your child can go from picking a game to playing a game quickly, all without leaving the home. You simply have your child choose the game they want, purchase and download it from the Nintendo eShop, and hand off the remote back to your kid.

Some of the games you have the option to download can even help your child, or anyone in your family for that matter, become more active. The best part is that it’s actually enjoyable! Games like the Wii U Fit make use of an optional accessory – a balance board – to help you exercise for a certain period of time and push you to play games that require you to move around and get fit in the process.

The Nintendo Wii U is sure to put a smile on your kids’ faces, and it’s likely that you’ll enjoy it too. It’s fun and offers a very unique style of gameplay. It’s gaming at its best!

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