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The Wall Mount Dip Station is not readily available; it is usually made or manufactured upon order. This is a space saving equipment that needs to be mounted on the wall. However, you need to mount this type of equipment to something stable; thing or dry walls are not recommended.

Key features of the Wall Mount Dip Station

  • Solid dip bars.
  • Thick rubber grips on the handle.
  • Wide tubing to provide comfort on the hands.

Product Overview

The Wall Mount Dip Station has solid dip bars which has a round tubing that measures 1 5/8” for comfort. Its bars are durable and strong enough to handle heavy weight people. The thick rubber grips on the handle or tubing prevents your hands from callouses or bruises caused that can be caused by frictions.

Its grips were placed 19” apart to ensure convenient workout and overall measures 20”H x 23”W x 27”L. This is a light weight material at 25 pounds so carry it around to decide where to mount it is not a problem.

To ensure a safe work out, it is highly commendable to mount this equipment on a solid wood frame and to tighten all bolts that came with it. Make sure to check your installations to avoid injuries when using it. For a stylish look, you can also order this equipment in a special color however this requires an additional 10% on your budget.


The Wall Mount Dip Station is durable and safe to use. As long as it is mounted properly and securely then this equipment will surely last long. The wide tubing of this dip station ensures that the product is comfortable to use. Not only are the tubing wide, but it is also fitted with a rubber grip to reduce friction on the hands. It is therefore safe and cannot cause blisters. It is also easy to assemble using the simple guidelines on the user manual.


The only negative about this equipment is that it doesn’t come with hardware’s so before purchasing you need to make sure you have all the needed tools to mount this on the wall.

Customer Reviews

Most users claimed this is an easy equipment to use, not much is required. For some, mounting this is simple to do and instructions are easy to follow. Other owners claimed that the wide tubing of the Wall Mount Dip Station gives them the maximum hand comfort that they require. Unfortunately, there are few users who had difficulty with the grip hole sizes no being uniform so they need to do some improvising to fix this issue


The Wall Mount Dip Station is a simple product which only needs to be mounted on the wall and ready for use. The price is reasonable considering that you will receive a brand new item manufactured upon order. It doesn’t require too much assembling so if you’re someone who wants to save space at home, this equipment best suit your needs.

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