Nov 202012

The Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower is a top-quality rowing machine delivered by one of the most trusted manufacturers of health and fitness devices, Velocity Fitness. It has managed to maintain its great reputation as an indoor rower since it was first introduced in the market. It is definitely one of the greatest equipment which comes in an impressive package, including exceptional features, reliable built, attractive construction and reasonable cost.

Key Features of Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower

  • It has a space-saving, foldable profile
  • It uses Drum Magnetic Control System for resistance
  • It utilizes a beam with anodized aluminum profile and rectangular tubing support
  • It works on electronic tension control
  • It features large polyurethane molded saddle
  • It has an LCD display for progress monitoring

Product Overview

The Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower is a programmable magnetic rowing machine which provides its users the great option to workout at home. It delivers a balanced routine which pushes the main muscle group and cardiovascular system to function.

It features a Drum Magnetic Control system for its optimum operation whose resistance can be modified through its electronic tension control. It also comes with twelve workout programs, including 6 presets and 1 manual. It has an easy-to-read LCD display which allows owners to easily tract the progress of their routine in terms of time, count, strokes per minute, distance, calories, pulse and calories burned.

Maximum comfort during exercise is guaranteed by its large polyurethane molded saddle. It can be conveniently stored with its built-in transportation wheels and space-saving foldable design. Its beam carries an anodized aluminum profile and features a rectangular tubing support.


The Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower is guaranteed to deliver its function in an impressively smooth manner. It also operates quietly, allowing the user to perform his exercise without the need to turn the television’s volume up and without the risk of disturbing other people, especially neighbors from nearby room.


The Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower belongs in the higher price range, but if quality of the equipment is your priority, then this is a great investment. It may also be better if the rower features an on/off switch which could be the preferred setting of some. But other users have no problem with this fact since they find it convenient to turn the device off just by simply pulling the power adapter or leaving it unattended.

Customer Reviews

The Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower is highly commended as an effective cardiovascular device which can increase one’s heart rate at an acceptably good level. Owners also enjoy how they experience an effective workout with the equipment’s smooth and quiet stride.


As a whole, Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower is an outstanding indoor rowing machine which allows people to perform effective cardiovascular routine without having the need to leave the comfort of their homes. It has proven to be a great choice for fitness equipment since its impressive features and functions are known to operate for a good period of time.


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