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The Ultimate Sandbag Training Systems: Pink Power Package is quite a popular equipment when it comes to losing weight. This equipment has been used on “The biggest Loser” and by some NFL teams, UFC fighters, and Special Forces Recruiting Battalion. It comes with loadable interior filler bags that all users will surely enjoy using.

Key features of the Ultimate Sandbag Training Systems: Pink Power Package

  • It has high quality seven rubber handles.
  • Its exterior shell is made of non-abrasive military grade.
  • It has two loadable interior filler bags.
  • It includes a DVD with six workouts.

Product Overview

The Ultimate Sandbag Training Systems: Pink Power Package has seven high quality rubber handles. The handles are designed to handle heavy weights of up to 30 pounds. The handles were made of rubber to prevent it from breaking that can cause injuries. The handle is comfortable to use and doesn’t creates friction on the hands.

The exterior shell of this equipment is made of a non-abrasive military grade to ensure that the bag does not tear. Accidental drop of its load or bag contents is avoided. This is an important feature since contents of the bag can be heavy so if dropped on your foot, this may cause injuries.

The Ultimate Sandbag Training Systems: Pink Power Package has two loadable interior filler bags. The good thing with this is if the user is not able to lift heavy weights, you can just decrease the load or fill it with lesser contents to be able to lift it. This makes it possible for all people to stand a chance of using the bag. This is favorable for women and young adults.

Learning on how to use the Ultimate Sandbag Training Systems: Pink Power Package is very, it comes with a DVD which includes six workouts you can follow. With the use of the DVD and its user guide, you will be able to load and use the bag without any difficulties.


The Ultimate Sandbag Training Systems: Pink Power Package is not loaded with a fixed weight therefore you can adjust its weight according to your capacity, fill it with a reasonable weight that you can only manage. If not in reach of sand, you can fill the bag with another thing, for example, millet. The bag is portable and you can carry it from one place to another and be able to exercise anywhere. The user guide plus the video helps you familiarize yourself on how to use the bag effectively.


Based from its customer reviews, the bag has no known negative points.

Customer Reviews

Most owners claimed that this product is very durable; the interior material of the bag is made of Velcro making it even more reliable when lifting weights. One user even loves the fact that this is flexible when it comes to managing weight. So far, there are no negative reviews found for this bag.


Overall, this machine is perfect for everyday use, with its high quality materials you know that this will last over a period of time. Your money spent is not wasted as this can deliver great results, can also be used by anyone, from young adults to seniors; the weight is manageable thus making this a flexible and highly recommended product.

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