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Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand is one of the gym equipment’s that should not be missed when planning to start your own gym at home. Most of its users provided comments on how great the equipment has helped them in their physical exercises for their chest, biceps and leg muscles. Everyone can certainly benefit from the wide range of exercises that can be performed with this tool to its portability.

Key features in Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand

  • Easily assembly by just matching color codes.
  • Thick and durable steel walls which are not easily broken.
  • Best works for bodyweight rows, chest dips and the legs, an exercise that could not be managed effectively by the use of other gym equipment’s.
  • It has a black dip bar color.
  • Easy to dismantle

Product overview

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand is easily assembled by matching color codes. This is very convenient since this doesn’t require you to use tools when assembling the equipment. The color codes make it easier for you to assemble this tool without any assistance. So you don’t have to disturb family members to help you out with the assembling process.

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand has thick and durable steel walls which can accommodate heavy weight users up to 300 pounds without breaking. This is also suitable for tall people measuring 6’’5’’. With this feature, you can be sure that this tool will certainly hold your support you no matter how big or small you are.

With the use of the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand, you are able to give emphasis on your chest, triceps, back and legs every workout. These are the important body parts that require much attention that most gym equipment’s failed to give emphasis during workouts.

The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand can be easily dismantled therefore you do not have to worry on where to store it. If the space in your room is limited you can comfortably store it under the bed or even in your closet.


The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand is a very stable equipment. Its price is worth the benefits as it gives the user the expected results. It is portable and can easily be stored thus eliminating any worries on where to keep it. It works best in weight distribution and its simplicity allows disabled people to use.


The Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand comes with just a thin foam cushion on its arm bars. This makes it a bit uncomfortable to use. For overweight people it can easily tip and the leg control is a bit difficult to manage. It causes stains on the wrist if it wobbles.

Customer Reviews

Most of the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand users are very much impressed with the good results they’re getting and the simplicity of the product. Some users are proud of how they have been able to maintain their weight because of this equipment. It’s easy to store and at the same time easy to dismantle. Although others claimed that this tool tends to wobble.


Whether you are just planning or you already have a gym at home, the Ultimate Body Press Dip Stand is one of the gym equipment’s that you should consider owning. It is very durable and easy to manage and would therefore cause no inconveniences in terms of storage and use. Therefore I highly recommend this equipment to all health enthusiasts who want to work out in an affordable yet easy way.

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