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PlayStation 3 by Sony is one of the most recognizable and famous product of the videogame market in the world. Since its inception in the year 2006, it has sold more than fifty million consoles in the world. The demands are rising not only for the video game itself for its accessories as well. These PS3 accessories are specially designed to cater to some additional purposes like playing a certain genre or type of games or to include more players in the game.

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Serious gamers from all over the world cannot resist the temptation to delve in more PS3 accessories. They are spending much amount of money and resources to get them. The Top ten must have accessories from hundreds of odd accessories are:


1. PS3 Controller : The PS3 controllers enhance the gaming experiences by allowing more than five players at a go. They are worth their price in terms of their utilities.


2. Blu-Ray Remote : The PS3 also works as a Blue ray player and therefore it is worth to buy a Blu-Ray remote so that you can watch endless movies and videos while you are playing games. The remote is almost available everywhere and works on Bluetooth connection.


3. Nyko Charging station: The Nyko Charge Base is very convenient and easy to use. You can keep your wireless PS3 charged all the time with the help of this device.


4. PS3 Wireless Keypad: These keypads are the best way to browse the internet. It can be attached to the PS3 controller though it actually works on Bluetooth or batteries. You can use it for inputting text and chatting with your friends too.


5. Guitar Game Controllers: For those who are absolutely n love with guitar games, these guitar game controllers make in for the perfect accessories.


6. Venom VX Comm’s 2 Bluetooth Headset: These extremely lightweight headsets make for the perfect sound since they have extremely high voice clarity to give you a live experience.



7. Sony PS3 Play TV: Now it is easy to play and record live TV on your PS3 station with the PS3 Play TV that comes with an electronic guide that programs your schedule and keep track of what you want to record.


8. PS3 Fighting stick: The Hory fighting sticks 3 are the perfect way to get ready for Arcadian style fighting games.


9. Memory card adapter: The PS3 memory data adapter is a must have accessory. It is easy to carry anywhere.


10. Tritton AX 720: This headset is compatible with almost every device and works excellently. It is worth the price due to superb functionality.


A gaming console is nothing without these ten accessories. Most gamers buy them for enjoying the additional features. The fact that these accessories can be connected to the PS3 almost instantly makes them more appealing even though some of them are highly priced. Splurge in your money in these accessories and enjoy the gaming experience you never had before!


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