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With the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 grabbing eyeballs all across the world, this new tablet range from Samsung, one of the most coveted mobile brands of all times, is giving a tough fight to its other competitor in the range of tablet makers. With a sleek design and super sensitive touch screen display, this product is one of the most powerful Android devices that tablet user have experienced so far.


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Accessories form an integral part of any device and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 also has a unique range of accessories. Ten must have accessories for this device has been summarized below:

1. Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 leather folio style case – These cases are trendy and stylish and are available in leading Samsung stores. The leather case will not only protect your device but it will also give it an attractive appeal. You can either buy a non removable case or the regular removable ones. Some leather cases even act as mobile stands and based on your needs you can buy them.


2. Samsung Book Cover Case: Just like the tablet cases, the book cover is also very trendy and protects the tablet from any sort of damage.


3. Samsung Galaxy Tab Screen Protector: The screen of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 is ultra slim and therefore requires protections from not only dust and scratches but also from fingerprints. Therefore the screen protectors protect the screen from these problems.


4. Samsung USB 2a travel Charger: A charger is of utmost importance while buying a tablet. While purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 you will already get a charger but it is always better to purchase a spare one too. A spare charger will be easier to carry anywhere and will come in handy whenever the other one stops working.


5. Samsung ECR-K14AWEGSTA Galaxy Tab 10.1 Keyboard Dock: Though the device comes with an inbuilt keyboard that can be used with fingers or a stylus, many people still prefer a physical keyboard over it. One can buy a portable keyboard with a USB port and enhance the tablet experience.


6. Snugg Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 Flip Stand : This Flip stand is stylish and is easy to carry too.



7. Multi-Media Dock Station EDD-D1B1BEGSTA by Cellular Factory: You can turn your Pc tablet into an entertainment zone with the multimedia dock.


8. SANOXY Black Color Female USB OTG Cable Adapter: Adapters are always a necessary while using tablet. You can easily buy a USB adapter and use it with your device.


9. Universal Touch Screen Stylus/Touch Pens: The stylus and touch pens can be bought from any Samsung service care centers and they make the tablet function more smoothly. These styluses are compatible with almost any tablet and therefore make drawing on the tab a unique experience.


10. OEM Samsung 30-Pin to Female USB Universal Adapter by Samsung: This helps to connect your tab to the PC and simultaneously charges the tab and sync your data . This is a must buy accessory.

The tablet itself gives a unique user experience and with all the accessories together, helps the device to function perfectly. The accessories help the device to function smoothly with personal computers and laptops and hence enhance the user experience even more.


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