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1. Corkcicle

Cold Comfort
“Don’t you just love a good gadget? No need for an ice bucket when you pull the ‘corkcicle’ out of the freezer and insert it into any bottle of wine that needs to stay cool. Talk about chilling!”—Oprah

You can also search for more corkcicle and wine gadgets at amazon here.


2. Schmidt Brothers Bonded Teak Series Knife Set

Looking Sharp
“I don’t throw around the word amazing very often, but anybody who’s ever tried cooking with dull knives will welcome this amazing set. It looks fabulous on the counter and makes meal prep a pleasure.”—Oprah |

You can also go to Schmidt Brothers Amazon Store here for more kitchen and dining items.

3. Curtis Stone Kitchen Solutions Oil Can

Can Do
“So there I was, telling Curtis Stone how chic this stainless steel oilcan is, not realizing that it’s from his very own line! The elongated spout helps control the amount you pour so salads don’t get soggy.”—Oprah
code OPRAH (expires Dec 31, 2012) |

Also go to Curtis Stone amazon store for more available kitchen and dining items.


4. Classic Coffee & Tea by Yedi

The Bowl and the Beautiful
“Four porcelain bowls on a matching tray—that’s a lot of gift for $20.”—Oprah

Browse more coffee and tea sets here.

5. Wakaya Perfection Organic Ginger Powder

Eat, Drink, Thrive
“It adds zest to a stir-fry and kick to a cocktail, but I mix it in hot water for a cup of instantly soothing ginger tea.”—Oprah
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Browse more ginger powder here.

6. Earth Balance Gift Pack

Spread the Word
“I am passionate about this coconut and peanut spread. Vegan, gluten-free, beyond delicious—it’s virtuous and sinful all at the same time.”—Oprah

Browse more gluten-free items here.

7. Brooklyn Piggies Gourmet Pigs in Blankets

These Little Piggies
“Whether you chose spicy, chicken, or original, keep these artisanal pigs in a crispy puff pastry blanket in your freezer, and you’ve got a holiday platter waiting to happen.”—Oprah
code OPRAH |


8. Pipcorn Holiday Crate

No Floss Required
“Pipcorn is a hulless variety of popcorn, which means it’s crunchy yet tender. It’s also naturally grown, popped in small batches using extra-virgin olive oil, and extremely tasty. Brother-sister team Jeff and Jen Martin took me up on my suggestion to add flavors like lemon truffle along with their signature rosemary, resulting in one of my very favorite things.”—Oprah


9. Mel & Rose Moscow Mule Kit

From Russia with Love
“Everything you need to make a brilliant Moscow Mule, including my personal recipe. I suggest drinking at least two when you’re at Yosemite trying to pitch a tent in the rain with Gayle King.”—Oprah
code OPRAH (expires Dec 31, 2012) |


10. Sallie’s Greatest Trio Jam Pack

We’re Jammin’
“I love a good scone with jam, but thanks to savory herbs, these spreads are wonderful in a panini, with goat cheese, even as a glaze on ham or Cornish hens. The peach, pepper, and ginger is my favorite.”—Oprah
code OPRAH (expires Dec 31, 2012) |

For more jam items with different selections, go here.

11. Carousel Cakes Blue Velvet Cake

My Blue Heaven
“Gayle fell hard for this blue velvet cake with cream cheese icing and sugar snowflakes. Just add coffee, milk, or a flute of Champagne.”—Oprah
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12. Dark Secret Chocolates

Daily Nibble
“I challenged O’s creative director, Adam Glassman, to find me a bite-size, 100-calorie piece of dark chocolate made with 67 percent cocoa, and he did it, with 10 calories to spare! It’s a gift for every day of the week.”—Oprah
code OPRAH (expires Dec 31, 2012) |

You can browse more low calorie dark chocolates here.

13. Casa Dragones Sipping Tequila

That’s the Spirit
“I truly appreciate people who are excellent at what they do, and the folks who handcraft this incredibly smooth tequila are masters. Forget the lime, skip the ice, and just savor it like fine wine.”—Oprah

More Case Dragones Tequila here.

14. Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Silver Tequila

I’ll Drink to That
“Mellowed in French oak barrels, this traditional tequila makes for a lovely drink and an even lovelier gift.”—Oprah

Cheaper prices for these are currently available at amazon. Click this link here.



15. Trufa Seca Black Truffle Sausage

Meat and Greet
“Proof that minimal ingredients—pasture-raised heritage pork, sea salt, and black truffle—can create spectacular complexity.”—Oprah

Find out more sausage truffles selections here.


16. Urbani Truffle Butter

Butter, but Better
“How do I love truffle butter? Let me count the ways. On a baked potato, on grilled steak, on a sourdough baguette. The truffle salt turns scrambled eggs, popcorn, even plain old cottage cheese into a major thrill.”—Oprah
code OPRAH (expires Dec 31, 2012) |

Available at amazon are more urbani truffle butter selections.

17. Sabbatino & Co. Truffle Oils

Dig This
“A little goes a long way, so drizzle carefully. Or give these intense truffle oils to a foodie friend, along with a slicer and a black winter truffle, and hope for a dinner invitation.”—Oprah
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More truffle oils here.


18. TartufLanghe Truffle Risotto, Pasta and Breadsticks

“Pure happiness: All this incredible risotto requires is water; I pair the truffle breadsticks with truffle butter; and what can I say about walking into a kitchen with a pot of truffle pasta bubbling on the stove?”—Opraha
code OPRAH (expires Dec 31, 2012) |


Other Truffle Rissoto available here at amazon.


19. Cypress Grove Chevre Truffle Tremor Cheese

Get Your Goat
“Creamy goat cheese with Italian black truffles might be the best combo since Diana Ross & the Supremes.”—Oprah
code OPRAH (expires Dec 31, 2012) |

Check out other Cypress Gove items like aged goat cheese here.


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