Nov 192012

1. Ralph Lauren Cable V-Neck Sweater
Knit Wit
“I have these supersoft cotton cable sweaters in every color, and I wear them all year round.”—Oprah
$198 each |

2. Coach Puffers
Puff the Magic Jacket
“The thing I love about Coach is its attention to detail. This perfect down puffer trimmed in leather manages to be nice and warm without making you look like the Incredible Hulk. Amen!”—Oprah
$458 each |

3. Bougainvillea Bangles
Wrist Watch
“These beautiful bangles take me right back to my trip to India.”—Oprah
Originally $39 each, now $31 with code OPRAH (expires Dec 31, 2012) |

4. Tory Burch Michelle Tote
Think Pink
“I was strolling down Madison Avenue, minding my own business, when this metallic pebbled leather bag started calling to me from the Tory Burch store. Guess it was meant to be.”—Oprah
$395.00 |

5. Tusk Capri Double Zip Checkbook Clutch
Financial Security
“Tired of fishing through your bag for your checkbook and phone? Here’s a holds-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink wallet, and it’s made of Italian kidskin leather.”—Oprah
Originally $138, now $117 with code OPRAH (expires Dec 31, 2012) |

6. India Hicks Diamond Necklace
“Pavé diamonds set in sterling silver letters make this necklace—available in every initial except Q and X—a timeless piece of bling.”—Oprah
Originally $370, now $296 with code OPRAH (expires Dec 31, 2012) |

7. Michael Kors Glam Studded High Tops
Chic Sneaks
“Heels are not my friend. So imagine my delight when I came across these ultracomfortable, metallic high-tops while shopping at Michael Kors’s flagship store in Manhattan.”—Oprah
$195.00 |

8. Noel by Josh Groban
“It’s just not the holidays until Josh Groban sings “Ave Maria.” Because I’ve yet to find anything better, this CD makes my Favorite Things list yet again!”—Oprah
$10 |

9. Swing Design Tray and Boxes
A Place for Everything
“I think it was Paul Simon who said, “Preserve your memories; they’re all that’s left you.” This set of boxes is wonderful for the friend who can never manage to keep her keepsakes—from old love letters to fading ticket stubs to seashells from a Sunday at the beach—all in one safe place.”—Oprah
Originally $70 to $120, now $56 to $96 with code OPRAH |

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