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The Nintendo 3DS was launched in the United States on March 2011. It is a portable gaming console that has certainly changed the technological world of handheld gaming. This handheld offers much more experience than any other version and has numerous awesome accessories.

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Here are the top 10 must-have Nintendo 3DS accessories:


1. Nintendo 3DS Starter Kit
The Nintendo 3DS starter kit offers all-in-one solution. Simply put, the kit offers a case, styluses, screen protectors, and a car charger. By availing this starter kit, you avail most of the afore-mentioned must-have accessories and thus enhance the functionality of your gaming device. Additionally, the kit comes with a cleaning cloth as well as noise-cancelling earbuds. Power A Explorer Nintendo Starter Kit would be ideal if you want to avail the kit.



2. Nintendo 3DS Screen Protectors
With the Nintendo 3DS screen being a touch screen, there are high chances that the beautiful LCD screen will get scratches after coming into contact with other items. Avail 3DS screen protectors to ensure that the 3DS LCD screen is protected against scratches and other perils. The protectors will prolong the life of your device and enhance the screen images as well. Avail the Hori Nintendo 3DS Screen Protector and help your device retain its original shine.


3. Hard Pouch
Hori is popularly known for making high quality accessories and this gaming generation is not an exception. The Nintendo 3DS Hard touch pouch made by Hori can help you protect you device and derive maximum efficiency for many years to come. The pouch lives up to its name as it has a hardened exterior and storage for 3 game cards. Furthermore, it’s officially licensed by Nintendo. The best hard pouch available in the market is the Power A Nintendo 3DS hard pouch.


4. Nintendo 3DS Car Charger
A portable gaming device without battery charge is useless. This Nintendo car charger will help you keep your 3Ds always charged for more and enjoyable gaming moments. If you have ever run out of battery in the middle of a game, then you will appreciate the difference of having the Nintendo 3DS car charger. For the car charger, I highly recommend the Rocketfish Nintendo Car charger.

5. 3D glasses
Though Nintendo explains that we don’t need glasses for the 3D graphics, I am certain that availing the 3D glasses will improve the gameplay. The ClearOptix gaming glasses will most definitely do the trick.


6. 3DS Inner Earphone
The earphones are officially licensed by Nintendo and are well designed for the Nintendo gaming device. The plugs on these inner earphones are gold plated to ensure that they deliver clear, noiseless sound. They also have volume control dial which allows you to adjust the volume easily and they can be availed at a relatively inexpensive cost. However, the best earphone is the Hori black 3DS earphone.


7. Hand Grip
Another must-have Nintendo 3DS accessory is the 3DS hand grip which is an integrated stand and comes with 3 angles and a storage slot for SD cards. It is light weight and allows you to comfortably play your games as it allows you to access all the 3DS buttons with ease. I recommend the CTA Digital hand grip for your Nintendo 3DS.


8. Nintendo Transporter Case
This transporter case has the ability of accommodating your gaming device, approximately 40 3DS game cards as well as other 3DS accessories. This allows you to travel with your device and your game cards easily and comfortably. The best and highly recommended transporter case is the Power A Elite Nintendo transporter case.


9. Charging Cradle
The Nintendo 3DS charging cradle allows you to dock and power your device. While using the cradle, the system can be left in sleep mode so that it communicates through the SpotPass feature at any time. As for the charging cradle, the Nintendo 3DS charging cradle manufacture by Nintendo themselves is the best.


10. Stylus Pack
The Nintendo 3DS, Just like its predecessors, has two LCD screens and one of the screens is touch screen. The 3DS often comes with a stylus but the stylus can be lost or misplaced easily. An extra pack of the styluses will help you save the time and stress of looking for the misplaced stylus and instead spend the time interacting with your device. The 3DS stylus pack comes in a variety of colors will also give your Nintendo a personalized touch. If you would like this accessory, I would recommend the Stylus Pack from DreamGear or CTA Digital as it is sturdy and versatile.

All these accessories are readily available in multiple stores and can be availed at relatively low prices. Make a step of purchasing these top 10 must-have Nintendo 3DS accessories and elevate your gaming experience to an ultimate level.


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