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Exercise is a good way to stay fit and healthy. Using a quality heart rate monitor can help you to maximize the effectiveness and safety of your exercise program. Below is a list of top 10 heart rate monitors gift ideas with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas deals.

1. Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar FT7 is one of Polar heart rate monitors that receive high ratings from buyers. Besides providing you with accurate heart rate monitoring, the FT7 also offers various beneficial features such as calorie counting, maximum and average heart rate per session, time in fat burning zones, and ability to save personal settings.

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2. Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor

Maintaining your heart rate within the ideal zone is vital to achieve optimal results from your fat-burning workouts. The Omron HR-100C comes with heart rate alarm that will give you a signal when you have to enhance or slow down your workouts.

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3. Suunto M4 Heart Rate Monitor

Motivational messages are often needed to improve your spirit in doing your workouts. The Suunto M4 is among a few heart rate monitors that can provide motivational messages during workouts. This heart rate monitor also gives daily exercise instructions with ideal intensity and duration.

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4. Concord BlackOx Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Concord BlackOx is another quality oximeter that can monitor your heart rate, pulse strength and oxygen saturation. Although this oximeter is not intended for medical use, many doctors and nurses recommend this product due to its accuracy and easiness to use.

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5. Timex T5J031 Fitness Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Accurate heart rate monitoring, easy to use and easy to read are what most buyers say about this heart rate monitor. It enables you to track your average heart rate during your workouts. You can also pre-set heart rate zones for your next workouts so you can maintain your heart rate within safe zone.

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6. Suunto Quest Running Pack

If you cannot afford to hire a professional fitness trainer, buying the Suunto Quest Running Pack is the solution because this heart rate monitor can do everything a fitness trainer does. This product comes with many essential features such as interval timer, stopwatch, running cadence, training intensity monitoring, and heart rate monitoring.

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7. PUMA Men’s PU910541001 Pulse Black Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Puma heart rate monitor watch is an extraordinary watch that offers accurate heart rate monitoring. The sleek design gives you confidence to wear it to the gym or out with your friends in the evening. This heart rate monitor watch is also equipped with a target zone alarm, auto calendar, split measurement, and a chronograph.

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8. Finger Pulse Oximeter SM-110

If you want an oximeter that can monitor your heart rate and oxygen saturation accurately, the SM-110 can fulfill your needs. This oximeter is intended for sports enthusiasts such as bikers, skiers, hikers, mountain climbers, etc. Most buyers agree that the performance of this gadget exceeds its price tag.

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9. Polar FT4 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch

One feature that makes the FT4 a unique heart rate monitor is the ability to show fitness program based on your heart rate. This watch also simplifies the steps to determine target zone limits as it is equipped with automatic age-based target zone feature.

Detailed Review and links here => Polar FT4 Men’s Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review



10. Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor

The RCX5 is one of Polar’s premium heart rate monitors. It is loaded with lots of features such as hybrid transmitter, Polar WearLink, ZoneOptimizer, and sport profiles quick swift. If compared to other heart rate monitors, reading the RCX5 is easier as it comes with a bigger display.

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