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If you’re looking for a Christmas food gift idea that’s elegant and upscale, then you’ll want to choose one of the Harry & David options. Known for their luscious pear and truffles, there are many scrumptious gifts you can select from for everyone on your list.

If you’re on a budget, then you can still indulge in one of their delicious treats for someone you care about. Consider ordering some of their crunchy Moose Munch snacks. It’s a unique caramel corn blend with chocolate that packs a lot of taste into a small container.

Harry and David black friday and holiday discounts are available here!

And here’s the list of Top Harry and David Gift Ideas for 2012:

1. Caramel toffee or dark chocolate. There are many flavors to choose from, like caramel toffee or dark chocolate. You can order individual packs that are perfect for neighbors, teachers and coworkers, or build an awesome gift basket for someone close to you.

2. Harry & David Truffles are one of their signature items. You can buy the milk chocolate version or one that pairs their truffle line with their Moose Munch snack candy. They have other candy items you can select for gifts as well.

3. Relishes and salsas – The company also has relishes and salsas if you prefer to give someone a spicier gift. You can get Pepper and Onion Relish with a variety of flavors like Hot and Smokey, Orange, Zinfandel, and more. Salsas come in unique flavors like Raspberry Chardonnay, Texas, Black Bean and Peach.

4. Fruit gifts by Harry & David are very tantalizing – you might just order one for yourself, in addition to a gift purchase for someone else. They have categories for their gift baskets like “healthy and wholesome” where you can order gift baskets filled with ripe to perfection fruit, healthy nuts and sometimes additional items like beautiful flowers.

5. Shortbread cookies or licorice twists – You might want something a little more sinful. It is Christmas, after all. How about choosing a delicious gift a basket gift that includes their fantastic fruit options, but also a few sweet treats like shortbread cookies or licorice twists.

6. Creekside Gift Basket – There are two really popular gift baskets that have a little of everything. The first one is called the Creekside Gift Basket. It includes 6 Harry & David mouth-watering pear, white extra-sharp cheddar cheese, crackers, pepper and onion relish, some caramel Moose Munch, cookies, and licorice. This large basket feeds 4-6 people, so it’s perfect for a family Christmas gift or a hostess gift if you attend a holiday party in someone’s home!

7. Grand Northwest Gift Basket – The other popular gift basket by Harry & David is the Grand Northwest Gift Basket, which feeds 8-10 people. It includes 6 pears, 4 apples, cheeses, Moose Munch, relish, hot mustard, crackers, salami, mixed nuts, licorice, and a cotton towel.

8. Gift Card – If you know you want to gift some delectable food items to your friends and family, but aren’t 100% about allergies, and taste preferences, you can always give them a Harry & David gift card that lets them personalize their selections.

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