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Do you have a loved one or special friend on your Christmas list who is on a Gluten free diet? There are many people going on this now, even though it was originally used as a treatment for Celiac Disease. Now, people are using it as a way to treat autism, to lose weight, and to ease digestive discomfort.

Luckily, there are many gluten-free food gifts you can buy online.

1. Cherry Moon Farms makes a Gluten Free Gift Basket (which is made of all natural sea grass) that’s packed with cookies, chips, pretzels, tea, rice cakes and chocolate – all free of gluten for that special someone in your life!


2. Then there’s the Vegan Gluten Free Valentine Gift Tower by Sweet Pete’s. This gift includes handmade, natural products like sea salt caramel, dark chocolate sandwich cookies, pretzels, gummy bears, taffy, a lollipop, chips, and more!



3. The Gluten Free Gift Basket Stack is a nice option for a gift. This one includes some scrumptious snacks, like classic potato sticks, chips, trail mix, dried fruit, chocolate chip cookies and more.


4. One popular food gift brand makes a popular gluten free gift basket known as the Gluten Free Snack Basket. It has popcorn flavored with black truffle and white cheddar, a set of ginger snaps, and a bag of almond crunch trail mix, among other items.


5. Another good choice is the Gluten Free Gift Basket Classic. For someone on your list who needs the comfort of home, they’ll love this gift that includes chicken soup, kettlecorn, potato stix, and much, much more.


6. Know someone who has a sweet tooth but can’t eat gluten? Try the Large Gluten Free Cookie Gift Basket. This gift comes with twelve huge cookies and a bag of mini cookies, too. The flavors they get include Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Chip, Mocha Java, and many more.

The Gluten-Free Baker’s Gift Basket is a very thoughtful gift for someone on your list who loves to cook, but has to use gluten-free ingredients. This bountiful basket includes a 200-page gluten-free cookbook, and the mixes for pizza dough, pie crust, pancakes or waffles, muffins, crepes, biscuits, focaccia, sandwich bread, or cinnamon raisin bread.


7. Another idea is to make a gift basket on your own! You can find lots of gluten free baking items online or in local grocery stores, and package them into a basket that you buy at an arts and crafts store.



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