Nov 132012

1. Y-Volution YFliker F1 Scooter

The Y-Volution YFliker F1 Scooter is the perfect scooter for this year’s holiday gift. It comes in two possible color schemes – green and black or pink. That makes it perfect for either a boy or girl who has a scooter on their Christmas list.

This toy is best used by children between the ages of five and nine. Children under five aren’t old enough to handle the size or physical requirements of the scooters. Most children over nine will be too large for this particular model.

Consumers love the sturdy construction and the portability. They also love that there’s a color scheme for both boys and girls. This scooter is also priced reasonably and you’ll get quality for the money you spend.

The Y-Volution YFliker F1 Scooter will also look great in front of the Christmas tree – it can be that great gift that makes the holiday seem complete.

2. Skylanders Giants Starter Pack

A hot ticket item this Christmas is the Skylanders Giants Starter Pack. This set is made for four different game systems including Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, Sony PS3, and Nintendo 3DS. The popular game is about creatures from Skyland who have been banished to live on Earth after a battle in their homeland.

The starter pack comes with more than just the game, though that is the main attraction. But it includes a Portal of Power toy and three action figures so you can act out the scenes from the video game.

Reviewers call it a must-have for this season. They compliment the graphics and the sound of the game as well as the action level for children. This is a game that most children will fall in love with right away.

The Skylanders Giants Starter Pack is available on the four largest video game systems. Combine the great game with the fun toys included and you have a true winner for this holiday season.

3. Nintendo Wii-U

The Nintendo Wii-U is brand new this year for the 2012 holiday season. Its official release date is November 18th 2012. This is one of the hottest items for this year and is sure to sell out before Christmas – so don’t delay in getting yours.

The Nintendo Wii-U also can work as a tablet. It can connect to the Internet and be used as a browser. It also includes a microphone, speakers, and a camera for creating multimedia projects. It can also be used with a stylus on the screen.

If you love to have the latest game technology in your home, this is the perfect addition to your gaming systems. You’ll love the new features and the versatility that comes with the Nintendo Wii-U.

4. 1D Dolls One Direction

If your daughter is like most teens and in love with the group One Direction, then the new 1D Dolls available for Christmas 2012 will be great gifts for her. You can get her a favorite band member or you can pick up the complete band. There are 10 dolls available in all including the first wave.

The new Niall 1D doll comes wearing a blue and white t-shirt and pants khaki colored.. He’s wearing coordinating sneakers too. He comes with a microphone accessory that he can hold in his hand “while he performs”.

These dolls are great for girls that are in the tween years. The band One Direction is beloved by girls all over the world in their tween and young teen years. Most parents like them because they use appropriate language in their songs.

If you’re looking for a gift for a child who’s a big fan of One Direction, then look no further. The 1D dolls are a perfect way to take a piece of the band’s history home with you.

5. LEGO Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle

From its popular Ninjago series, the LEGO Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle includes all you need to stage a large battle. If your child loves Ninjago, this is the perfect set for him. It’s made for kids ages eight to fourteen years.

The set includes a snake prison and a Great Devourer. The Great Devourer’s mouth is large enough for a minifigure to fit inside if it gets captured. The snake prison features a gate that opens and closes and spaces for the minifigures to be imprisoned.

This set is also a great value for the money you spend. Your investment will be played with over and over again and it will be able to stand up to years of use. If you’re looking for something to wrap and put under the tree, this makes a great gift.

This is a toy that will probably be used every day in your home. The LEGO Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle is available for the holidays and is sure to make your child very happy.

6. LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Learning Tablet

The LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Learning Tablet is one of the best new educational toys for kids. It’s made for children ages three to nine years old. However, most kids will be a little too old after age six.

While it’s made for young children, this tablet has many features you might find on one that you use. For example, there’s a camera in front and in back so that your child can take photos of things in front of her or take photos of herself while looking at the display. The tablet also includes a video camera so that your little one can take videos.

You can purchase the tablet alone or as a part of a bundle. The LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Learning Tablet gives your child the experience of a tablet without the worry of breaking a fragile piece of equipment and will be perfect for any young child.

7. Lalaloopsy 12 Inch Silly Hair Star Doll

The idea behind this series is that each doll was once sewn to be a rag doll. But when the final stitch was in place, the dolls came to life. Each doll has a specific personality and it comes from the type of cloth it was sewn from.

Like most Lalaloopsy dolls, she also comes with a trusty pet. Her pet is a cat and even the cat rattles when you shake it – another performer. This is just one more fun accessory that makes this doll a great buy.

This is just one of a huge series of toys. If your child is ready to start a collection, this is definitely a great start. You can find many more dolls with pets and other accessories and each has his or her own personality.

If you want to make sure your child has the latest trend this Christmas, you can be one of the first to give this doll. The Lalaloopsy 12 inch Silly Hair Star Doll – Harmony B. Sharp is new for the holiday season this year and you’ll want to make sure she’s wrapped and under the tree.

8. Hot Wheels Remote Control Terrain Twister Vehicle

Remote control cars are a favorite among children and even adults. But often you have cars that are limited to paved areas outdoors or hard floors inside the home. While they’re still fun to play with, they’re not able to take on different environments.

This car is designed for children ages eight and older. In fact, as an adult you’ll probably find yourself wanting to “help” your child so that you can play with it, too. It’s a durable car that can do things you haven’t seen before in a remote control car.

This toy has unique features such as corkscrew shaped locomotion devices instead of wheels. That makes it able to handle rough terrain and it can do some tricks you haven’t seen before in a vehicle like this.

9. Gelarti Designer Studio

For the budding interior designer, the Gelarti Designer Studio is the perfect gift. This set allows your child to create removable stickers that can be displayed on the walls or windows without leaving any permanent marks.

Consumers rave about the fun their children have designing stickers and placing them all over the walls and windows without creating any damage to them. They also warn that it’s important to follow the directions and give the stickers enough time to dry before handling them.

If your child is a creative genius, this is a great gift to encourage creativity and fun with crafts. It’s also a great way for your child to display art work without sticking anything permanent to the walls that could remove paint or damage surfaces.

With this kit your child will become a true interior designer making accessories for his or her room. The Gelarti Designer Studio is a great holiday gift to get your child started with this type of art work.

10. Furby

Depending on your age, you may remember the Furby doll that came out many years ago and then disappeared from the shelves. But this year Furby is back and better than ever! This interactive toy embraces new technology to bet more user friendly than ever.

A Furby can respond to being tickled and talked to. It also responds to the way you hold it. You can also play music for it. Sometimes it can develop a personality that you don’t care for – if that happens it’s important to take better care of it.

Furby reacts to you by dancing, changing its voice, and by learning more and more English words. It requires batteries, but when the batteries are drained it won’t lose its personality – that’s stored in its memory.

If you’re interested in a great new toy that’s also a blast from the past, this is the perfect choice. Kids will love to see how this toy changes in personality and learns to speak a new language. You’ll love to watch Furby grow and develop.

11. Fisher-Price Jake and the Never Land Pirates – Musical Pirate Ship Bucky

With the Fisher-Price Jake and the Never Land Pirates – Musical Pirate Ship Bucky your little one will have infinite hours of playtime. This toy has the toughness and quality you anticipate from Fisher Rate and the enjoyable your kid expects.

One of the most excellent features of this set is that there aren’t numerous little pieces that come off of the boat. While there are numerous moving parts and attributes, you won’t have to track a great deal of little probabilities and ends.

This is ideal for any kid between the ages of three and five years old, but also older siblings will appreciate playing with it. If you’re looking for a durable and amazing Christmas present, the Fisher-Price Jake and the Never Land Pirates – Musical Pirate Ship Bucky is a great selection.

12. Exclusive Micro Chargers Time Track Race Track

The Exclusive Micro Chargers Time Track Race Track is a Toys R Us exclusive for the holidays. This set is best for children ages six to eight. If you have little ones in that age range, you’ll want to pay attention to all the features.

Most children – boys and girls – enjoy playing with track systems. They allow them to compete in good fun as their cars race one another. With this system, they can launch as many as four cars at once on the track.

This set comes with 2 cars, but can race up to four at one time. It requires two AA batteries for the charging unit – not very many batteries compared to other tracks on the market. You’ll appreciate not having to go through batteries so quickly.

Imagine seeing your child’s face light up when he wakes up to find this track under the tree. If your child loves to race cars, the Exclusive Micro Chargers Time Track Race Track is a great choice for this holiday season.

13. Disney Doc McStuffins Time For Your Check Up Doll

The Disney Doc McStuffins Time For Your Check Up Doll is sure to be a hit with your child this holiday season. This doll looks just like the character on the popular show for kids. And she can help to heal toys just like her television counterpart.

At fourteen inches tall, many consumers rave about her size. She is just the right height to play with easily. Until now, most of the Doc McStuffins toys have been quite small, making play a little more difficult.

Customers also rave about her beautiful appearance and the interaction between the Doc and Lambie. You can play with each one separately and enhance the fun when you play with them together.

Every little girl will enjoy playing with this doll and you can feel good that she’s a great role model for your daughter. She’s a girl that’s smart and uses her knowledge and skills to help her friends.

14. Tabeo 7 Inch Kids Tablet

It has a soft case that surrounds the tablet to protect it from wear and tear that can be brought on by kids. It also has a 7 inch screen capable of producing millions of colors. It operates on the Android operating system that may be familiar to you from phones and other tablets.

As a parent, safety online is always an important consideration. The Tabeo comes with parental controls to help make your child’s wireless Internet experience a safe one. You can choose the level of control you want to have as your child browses online using it.

This tablet is brand new this year and you may need to preorder it to have it to wrap and place under the tree. Don’t wait to purchase it, as the Tabeo 7 inch Kids Tablet is one of the hottest toys on the market and is sure to be hard to find as you get closer to Christmas.

15. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Playsets

If you’re looking for a large toy for your child for the holidays, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Secret Sewer Lair Playset is a great choice. This is perfect for anyone who is a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The most obvious feature of this set is its size. It’s over forty-two inches tall. It’s designed for children around the age of six years old, so it might be bigger than your child.

Because of its size, it has 20 features for playing with action figures. If your child is a fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles he’ll be thrilled to play with this toy.

Consumers rave about the size of the set. If you want to have something large to put around your Christmas tree for Christmas morning, you couldn’t find a better toy. Your child’s eyes will grow wide when he sees a toy as big as him. The other feature that parents love is how sturdy this set is. It’s built to stand up to the wear and tear that children can place on toys. You won’t have to worry about it falling apart the day he gets it. This toy is built to last.

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