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If you have got a iPad, iPad 2, new iPad(iPad 3), or the mini, you might be thinking of the best accessories to get for it. There are hundreds of tempting accessories but one cannot afford to spend on all of them. If you are aware about the most popular ones, you can certainly make a better choice.

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Below is a list of top 10 latest iPad accessories:

1. SPE Retractable Sync and Charger
If you travel a lot, you might be facing trouble in keeping the iPad charged. This is where the SPE Retractable Sync and Charger come to rescue. It is compact in size and is thus easy to carry as well. You can use this extension to charge the iPad though your computer or an AC adapter. It is more beneficial for students and working people.


2. Pogo Sketch
If you do a lot of work related to text files, Pogo sketch is worth buying. This tool allows you to make quick notes thus saving your time. It is compatible with the iPad touch screen. It comes with an aluminum base and is thus strong and lightweight at the same time.


3. Lusso Cartella Leather Business Case
This is an extremely useful iPad accessory for businessmen. It allows them to arrange the iPad along with other stuffs like business cards and other papers. It is certainly worth it for its appealing design.


4. Griffin A-Frame
Though there are different frames available in the market, but Griffin A-Frame certainly defeats its competitors in terms of strength and looks.

5. Freedom i-Connex Mini
Though there is a virtual keyboard in the iPad, but a keyboard can be handy if you work a lot with text files. The best thing this model is that you can attach it to the iPad without any wires as it supports bluetooth. You can use it even while travelling without any discomfort.


6. STM Jacket
Carrying iPad can be troublesome if you already carry a lot of stuff with you. In such a case, you can use the STM jacket. It is completely water resistant that provide full protection.


7. The iPad ArmorSuit
iPad suit is another iPad accessory that makes the handling and carrying job easier for the user. The iPad suit comes with an exclusive space for storing the iPad.


8. Overboard Rock Waterproof Case
If you are going to enjoy any water sports with your iPad, you certainly need a water proof case to keep the iPad protected. Overboard Waterproof Case does this job perfectly. You can use your iPad even while having bath with this case. It is available on various online marketplaces including Amazon.


9. Smart Cover
It is always advised to protect the iPad screen from scratches. The extreme light weight of the case provides it an edge over the competitors.


10. Arkon Portable Fold-up Stand
This fits airplane seat trays perfectly, compact, portable, and works with ipad tablets with or without a case; A very good stand you can take everywhere you go. It can also be positioned in portrait or landscape view.


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