Dec 162012

The zombie apocalypse is here, and you are one of the few survivors left to battle the zombie horde. The crumbling city of London is wrapped in an eery fog and filled with flesh-eating zombies that crave fresh victims. From the chiming of Big Ben to the creepy silence of the city’s underground, London is no longer that picturesque city in the postcards. The secret society that is known as the Ravens of Dee work to gather the remaining survivors, and combat the zombie plague. A four hundred year old prophecy of death is fulfilled in 2012 and only the Ravens of Dee led by “The Prepper” have the knowledge to combat this terrible fate.

As a first person shooter game, ZombiU is one of those fantasies that cause you to shiver in your chair, makes your heart pound like a jackhammer, and forces you to look over your shoulder for zombies when you walk in the dark to your car. Left with just a “bug-out bag,” you have to keep your character alive while those vicious hordes of rotting humans search for living flesh to feast upon. Everything you need to fight the zombies is in your bag, but stopping to take a look inside makes you extremely vulnerable to attack. A single bite from a zombie can send your character to oblivion and will place you inside an entirely new character. This means that you lose your “bug-out bag” unless you have the guts to retrieve it from your previous character who is now a zombie. A shot of Virucide can spare the recently dead, but supplies are tough to come by in this game.

Created by Ubisoft Montpellier and originally formatted as Zombi, ZombiU is definitely a step up in the world of zombie shooter games. Rated M for Mature audiences, ZombiU has all of the blood and gore that you have come to expect from horror and survival games. Intense violence and strong language make this game one for the grownups in the room. If the walking dead are not enough to keep you playing, ZombiU also has some exceptional graphics and unexpected twists that will definitely add to the excitement. The layout is beautiful with London covered in a thick fog. Zombies seem to appear out of nowhere and attack so suddenly that the game becomes a rollercoaster of fear. Fighting to catch your breath, you can hear the zombie footsteps approaching your position. The streets of London look like war ravaged and the underground is filled with dark shadows waiting to drag you to your death. Hiding is not an option in ZombiU.

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