Dec 162012

Collecting Starites has never been so much fun. The newest version of the Scribblenauts franchise, Scribblenauts Unlimited offers all of the game play that you have come to expect from this challenging puzzle game with a brand new open world for exploring. Begin the game as Maxwell, the well-known protagonist in the Scribblenauts series. Your mission is to solve puzzles, create objects and collect Starites. Scribblenauts Unlimited fills the holes in Maxwell’s back story by sharing the tale of his parents, his twin sister Lilly, and his magical (and extremely important) notebook. Fans of the Scribblenaut series will be happy to finally understand the origin of Maxwell’s 41 siblings. Aside from telling the story of Maxwell, Scribblenauts Unlimited offers the open world exploration that gamers have been craving from the puzzle genre.

The new Object Creator and Object Library allow players to create almost any object that can be imagined. Filled with hints and a fun Merit Board, Scribblenauts Unlimited is perfect for those players new to the Scribblenaut universe as well as returning gamers. Store your personal objects in Maxwell’s magical backpack or leave them in the Object Library for future use. This means that you do less scrambling for new objects and more exploring than in previous Scribblenauts games. Created by Warner Bros., the game is classified in the puzzle and action game genre. The two-player mode is cooperative, making this a great game for families with children who love to play together. Solving puzzles and exploring new worlds, including “cell” levels that are completely self-contained make the newest Scribblenauts game a bit more complicated than the previous versions. This change does create a longer game play than in previous Scribblenauts versions, so parents will be pleased.

Another fun item added to Scribblenauts Unlimited is the inclusion of cameos from Legend of Zelda and Mario Brothers. Gamers of all ages will appreciate the humor and the skill required to complete the new puzzle stages. Online sharing offers players a chance to pass equipment to friends across the Scribblenauts universe, allowing you to save your best equipment and share it with other players. Scribblenauts Universe is rated E 10+ for Everyone ages ten and over. The game is definitely on the short list to become a family favorite and has enough action and adventure to interest adults and older children as well as the preteens. Scribblenauts Unlimited is one of those very few games than can be described as “wholesome family fun for all ages” with a straight face. This newest version of the Scribblenauts adventure is everything you expected from Warner Bros.

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