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The Dyson Pedestal Fan, Silver/Silver, AM03 could possibly be the ideal fan for you to own. If you want a certain area in your home to be nice and cool, this pedestal fan could possibly be what you need to obtain. It is backed by a 2-year warranty and allows nice airflow to generate through a certain area in the home. The whole package includes a stand, base plate, manual, and remote control, base, and loop amplifier. The remote control allows you to easily set the mode for the pedestal fan. This pedestal fan can be rotated a whole 360 degrees, which allows you to completely cool a room in the house. This pedestal fan does not include fast-spinning blades, which can be safe for children. If you want a nice fan that allows you to easily cool a room in all angles, this could be the one for you. The pedestal fan’s dimensions are roughly 6 ½ x 21 x 23 ¼ inches, and its weight is 13 pounds.

Dyson Pedestal Fan, Silver/Silver, AM03 Features and Specifications

Accessories- The package’s accessories include loop amplifier, remote control, base, base plate, stand, and manual.
Rotatable- The pedestal fan is rotatable up to 360 degrees, which can cool every angle of a room.
Other Features- Other features include no fast-spinning blades and a 2-year warranty.

Dyson Pedestal Fan, Silver/Silver, AM03 Pros and Cons

2-year warranty
Safe for children to use
Rotates at 360 degrees
Many useful accessories included

Fairly loud for some people

Dyson Pedestal Fan, Silver/Silver, AM03 Reviews

The Dyson Pedestal Fan, Silver/Silver, AM03 is surely a nice fan to have, especially since it is safe for children to use. One customer said, “I have two children who are extremely young, but it is very nice that they know how to set the pedestal fan. I absolutely love that this fan is safe for children to use. I think it thoroughly cools my living room, so I know I got my money’s worth.”
Another customer said, “I bought this bladeless pedestal fan, so I would not have to worry about my youngest son getting hurt while trying to operate it. I absolutely love the fact that this fan works very well in all of our bedrooms.”

The Dyson Pedestal Fan, Silver/Silver, AM03 can be used in any-sized room.

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