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The 10 Inch No Blade Bladeless Portable Fan is definitely a jewel for some people, especially if they want to have a convenient way to staying cool in a certain area of a room in the home. You will surely love being able to enjoy this 10-inch fan, because it is bladeless and safe for children to use. If you decide to purchase this 10-inch bladeless fan, you will be able to obtain a 1 year warranty brought by for the manufacturer of the product. You can adjust the tilt of the portable, bladeless 10-inch fan in order to angle the airflow up or down. This 10-inch bladeless fan is operated by a 220-volt electrical plug-in outlet. This bladeless, portable fan weighs just about 4 ½ pounds.

10 Inch No Blade Bladeless Portable Fan Features and Specifications

Power Source- The portable fan’s power source is batteries.
Weight- The portable fan is very lightweight, weighing at 4 ½ pounds.
Other Features- Other features include adjustable tilt and 1-year manufacturer limited warranty.

10 Inch No Blade Bladeless Portable Fan Pros and Cons

1-year manufacturer limited warranty
Very lightweight
Can use adjustable tilt to angle airflow up and down


10 Inch No Blade Bladeless Portable Fan Reviews

The 10 Inch No Blade Bladeless Portable Fan could possibly be one of the miniature fans that many people would like to have in their homes, especially if they want to save a huge chunk of cash by lowering their costs on the utility bill. One customer said, “I thought this portable fan would be okay to buy. I thought it would be good to place this fan in my son’s bedroom. I love the fact that it is bladeless and does not have any spinning blades. I am very happy to have bought this miniature fan.”
Another customer said, “My son loves using this bladeless fan, especially since it is portable. I bought it precisely for him. He takes it with him to his bedroom or any other room in the house. No matter what, he loves using this portable fan. I am glad to have bought it for him.”

The 10 Inch No Blade Bladeless Portable Fan could be ideal for your young on. Check it out to see if it would be good for your son or daughter.

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