Nov 282012

The Vornado CR1-0089-16 Heavy Duty 293 Shop Fan can help keep just about any workshop cool as can be. If you are sweating it pretty hard in your shop, this shop fan can definitely help you keep cooler than usual. It can circulate air very well with its Vortex technology, and it is constructed with very strong, durable material. Since it has stronger blades, it can push out much more air and last longer than other fan blades. The shop fan’s motor is enclosed, which allows it to become more resistant to dust and dirt and can perform much better than some other fans. If you want to push air, this shop fan can push airflow up to 100 feet. The shop fan has a cord holder, so it is less likely that someone will trip over its power cord. In addition, this fan can be set in 3 different speeds. It does not weigh too much for being a shop fan, weighing about 16 pounds, and its dimensions are roughly 16 ½ x 14 ½ x 17 ½ inches.

Vornado CR1-0089-16 Heavy Duty 293 Shop Fan Features and Specifications

Strong material- This shop fan’s housing is made of durable material.
Resistance- This shop fan is resistant to dirt and dust.
Other features- Other features include a power cord holder and 3 different fan speeds.

Vornado CR1-0089-16 Heavy Duty 293 Shop Fan Pros and Cons

Strong material for shop fan
Dirt and dust-resistant
Will not trip anyone with its power cord holder


Vornado CR1-0089-16 Heavy Duty 293 Shop Fan Reviews

The Vornado CR1-0089-16 Heavy Duty 293 Shop Fan is definitely a fan unit you can use in many different areas. This shop fan sure can help you keep an area cool and cozy. One customer said, “I thought buying this shop fan would be a very good idea. I bought it and always use it in my shop. I never have to sweat in a profuse manner while doing work in my shop.”
Another customer said, “It feels so nice being able to use this awesome cooling tool. I love the fact that I bought it at an affordable price.”

The Vornado CR1-0089-16 Heavy Duty 293 Shop Fan could possibly be a cooling tool you would like to have in various areas.

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