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Who Would Buy The Futuro Cube?
The Futuro Cube is designed to be a fun and engaging device for people of all ages, including kids and adults. The variety of logic based games and puzzles stimulate the brain and help development problem solving skills while having fun playing with the unique Futuro Cube.

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Things we like about the Futuro Cube:

One of the very nice features about this device is the LED lighting on the cube, making it very easy to see all of the areas and navigate the cube. Another great aspect of the cube is the variety of games and puzzles that are available. The variety and the difference in skill levels should keep any puzzle enthusiast no matter how old or young engaged and active with this cube. There are also developer tools coming out in early 2013 that will allow anyone to code their own games into the Futuro Cube. We also like the fact that the device has many motion trackers on it and that it can also play sound and voice clips, which are very high quality as well!

Things we did not like about the Futuro Cube:

While the Futuro Cube is definitely a very nice and feature-packed device, the price of the item is a bit on the high side. While we did note the upcoming developer tools as a positive, it’s a negative based on the fact that there have been a couple of delays on the release of developer tools for this device.


At current time of writing, no guarantee for the Futuro Cube has been found.

Is The Futuro Cube Worth The Money?

For hardcore puzzle enthusiasts and even children that are looking for a challenge, yes the Futuro Cube is very much worth the price of admission. For those who aren’t really sure if they enjoy puzzles or are timid about their skill level, its high price might be more than you want to spend until you have a better understanding of your skill level and desire to use puzzle devices.

Where Can I Buy The Futuro Cube?

For United States customers, check out www.amazon.com.

More Customer Reviews For The Futuro Cube: The overall impression by most folks is that the Futuro Cube is definitely an exciting and engaging device that people of all ages including both kids and adults well find both challenging and rewarding.

Dec 162012

A tablet or a controller? Whatever it is, the Wii U GamePad is indeed wonderful.

The revolutionary GamePad has a LCD touch screen that works with your fingertip or a stylus. The stylus allows you to write notes or draw pictures with precision. The fact that you can use your fingertips if you don’t feel like finding your stylus makes things more convenient for you. Either way you choose to use it, it’s fun!

The device also features stereo speakers, a headphone jack, volume control, and an accessory jack that will possibly allow for more features depending on your accessories.

Sounds like a serious piece of equipment, right? Something this powerful seems like it might be too big for cuteness or comfort, but it weighs in at a reasonable 1.1 pounds and looks surprisingly polished. The GamePad fits comfortably in your hands and is sturdy enough that it won’t break if you happen to drop it.

It’s powered by rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, so there’s no need to constantly buy and dump batteries that are harsh on our planet’s health.

It also makes your gaming habits less of a problem in the eyes of your family or your roommates. If grandma has that show that she just needs to watch every Tuesday on the family TV set, that doesn’t stop you from playing, as you’ll see that many games can be pulled from the console to the pad.

The GamePad’s left keypad is reminiscent of many older gaming systems, so you’ll find that there’s no adjustment period. The joysticks and right button array are also familiar to all gamers. ZL and ZR buttons are perfect for shooting games, and you’ll find them on the back below the L and R buttons. You can rotate the pad, playing on it vertically, which is something I’m sure many smartphone users will appreciate.

Let’s talk about how Nintendo has designed their GamePad to make your life as easy as you could reasonably expect. The home button makes navigation smoother, easier and faster than the previously acceptable (yet time consuming) acts of pausing and navigating. No more dealing with menus when they’re not necessary – the home button located conveniently on the device takes care of that stuff for you.

One of the coolest things about this remote is how they employ an infared transceiver to allow you the option to control your television set, right from the GamePad’s touch screen. You can even turn down the volume on your TV with this device, and the TV control buttons work whether your Wii U is on or not!

The transceiver means you can use your web browser on the GamePad to turn your TV into a monitor of sorts. You can search Google without even having to get up and grab your laptop or sit at the computer, because your search results will show up right on your TV.

Let’s not forget the built in front-facing camera and microphone. These features not only makes game playing better, but also allows you to connect with friends using Nintendo’s new Miiverse – a new social network for Wii U users.

There was a 4 player limit with the previous version of the Wii, but with the Wii U, you can now use your GamePad while other players are using remotes. This increases the possible number of players to 5. And we all know that games somehow become much more enjoyable when more people participate.

The screen on the pad can display a different view from your TV screen. It allows you to view the game from different angles (such as birds eyes view), allowing for a different and more complete perspective.

The GamePad is without a doubt the best part of the entire Wii U system. It allows you to play better than you ever have before, and also makes your life easier by being able to control your TV right from the device’s touch screen. The Wii U GamePad is a gamechanger, and a damn good one, too.

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