Nov 202012

Targeting key areas such as waist and thighs can be a very challenging task. Regular exercises cannot directly hit those areas and that is why it’s difficult to shape. With the help of Sunpentown Belt Massager, you can hit the target with ease. The massage belt can focus high frequency vibrations on designated areas and sculpt it. Aside from shaping, it is also a great massage device to relax sore muscles.

Key features of the Sunpentown Belt Massager

  • With more than 40 belt position, you’re guaranteed to get a full body workout.
  • Having two massage belts allows you to target two areas at the same time.
  • Two people can use it at once.
  • 5 pace settings
  • Adjustable belt has a 115 inches maximum length.

Product Overview

The Sunpentown Belt Massager has a base dimension of 14.5” x 33.25” making it very stable and big enough for two persons to use at the same time. It has a short belt measuring 57 inches in length and an adjustable belt with a maximum length of 115 inches. That feature also allows you to work out two areas of your body at once.

It has more than 40 positions for the belt to ensure a total body workout. Its vibrating waves have a unique spiral motion to it and this stimulates blood circulation. Aside from toning and firming problem areas, it also has a smoothing effect on your skin. That is the result of vibration as it stimulates the body to produce collagen.

The Sunpentown Belt Massager is a total workout machine that not only shapes your body but also improves the function of your body’s internal system. Soreness after a hard day’s work can be eased away .The pulsating action massages and relaxes tired muscles and helps it to recover faster. With 5 speeds to choose from, you control what intensity you’ll be comfortable at.


Having the two belts allows you to work two areas cutting work out time in half. The adjustable belt allows you to target hard to reach areas. The Sunpentown Belt Massager will give you a full body exercise.


The design does not look modern and the on/off button is not aesthetically pleasing. It is also a bit large for some peoples liking and that’s because it can accommodate two users at once.


The Sunpentown Belt Massager has had users praising its usability and effectiveness. They also like its heavy duty built which makes them feel stable and that it will last a long time. Some people may have disliked the ruggedness of the design but others negate it by stating that it’s the reason why this product is durable.


For the price of this machine, it is a very good deal. This is guaranteed to stay with you for years to come. Its 5 speed setting makes it ideal for easy to advanced users. The low levels make for a great massage and the adjustable belt lets you reach problem areas that are normally hard to target.

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