Nov 282012

The Dyson AM02 tower fan-Silver is a nice, sleek, and slim tower fan that just may be the ideal air-circulating device to have in one’s home. This tower fan is definitely safe for kids to use, because it does not have any fast-spinning blades. The tower fan is extremely easy to clean and set up in the home. You do not need to run an air conditioner, because this tower fan will definitely help keep a certain area in the household pretty cool. This means you will be able to save from having to pay some money on your electric bill. This tower fan is easy to control. How is it easy to control? You can use a remote control to set it up to your precise fashion. This tower fan weighs roughly 12 ¾ pounds, and its dimensions are approximately 9 ¾ x 39 ¾ x 39 ¾ inches.

Dyson AM02 tower fan-Silver Features and Specifications

Weight- The tower fan is lightweight, weighing roughly 12 ¾ pounds.
Dimensions- The dimensions for the tower fan are approximately 9 ¾ x 39 ¾ x 39 ¾ inches.
Control- The tower fan can be controlled by use of a remote control.

Dyson AM02 tower fan-Silver Pros and Cons

Easy to use with remote control

Can be a bit noisy for some people

Dyson AM02 tower fan-Silver Reviews

The Dyson AM02 tower fan-Silver is very lightweight and easy to use with a remote control. It can keep an area in your home cool. Actually, one customer had to say, “I love using this tower fan. At first, I thought it would not be what I needed. Well, I have to change my mind on what I thought it would be. It helps keep my bedroom very cool.”
Another customer said, “I bought this tower fan to keep my small office cool. It does a very good job in keeping it very cool at all times.”

The Dyson AM02 tower fan-Silver can definitely be one of the fans that many people would like to have in their homes or offices.

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