Nov 212012

For locked plans:

Almost all carriers are charging a regular price for the Galaxy Note 2 with a 2-year contract. Amazon is offering the Galaxy Note 2 at a cheaper rate for christmas. This is the best savings at the moment for the galaxy note 2.

Get the deals now; check the updated prices:
Samsung galaxy note 2 Titanium from Sprint with a 2 year contract.

– Samsung galaxy note 2 White from AT&T  with 2 year contract.

Samsung galaxy note 2 White from Sprint  with a 2 year contract.


Unlocked Versions are also on sale. These unlocked versions have regular prices of about $700 to $800+:

Get the deals now; check the updated prices:

– this Samsung galaxy note 2 Titanium factory unlocked

– this Samsung galaxy note 2 factory unlocked


Also, Samsung galaxy note 2 Accessories are also available on sale.

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