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The Razor Crazy Cart is one of the many mobile creations from the company that makes scooters, go carts and mopeds. The Crazy Cart earns the crazy in its name because it looks like a study go-kart, but it offers full 360 degree steering. Built for children ages 9 and up, your child can use the unique drive system to go in directions that traditional go-karts and toy cars cannot manage. Let us pop the hood on the children’s Razor Crazy Cart and get to know a little bit more about this multi-directional motorized toy.

The Razor Crazy Cart

Key Features of The Razor Crazy Cart

* Has standard go-kart and multi-directional Crazy Cart modes
* Reaches speeds of up to 12 mph
* Supports riders up to 132 pounds in weight
* Up to 40 minutes of drive time from a single charge
* Variable speed foot pedal
* Drift Bar helps you control rear-end drifts

(full features, details and reviews can be found here)

Is the Razor Crazy Cart Right For My Child?

Also known as the Razor Crazy Drift Cart, the stubby little go-kart can go pretty fast, so parents should be sure that safety gear like a helmet, shoulder pads and knee pads are worn. There is a protective seat belt, but there are no sides or roof, so this is probably not the right car for younger or smaller children. The unique drift bar allows you to control back-end sway and drift, and the little machine can attain speeds of up to 12 miles per hour.

With 360 degree turning capability, as well as being able to drive forward, reverse, diagonally and even sideways, Crazy Cart is the appropriate name for this powerful little vehicle. The battery powering the cart is rechargeable and sealed, and the dual 12 V batteries charge in about 12 hours. After that charge your child can get anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes of drive time in real world use.

One nice feature that is not always found on the other kids go-karts and motorized toys is the variable speed foot pedal. Your child can learn to regulate his speed by lowering and raising his foot, just like he would in a real automobile. This is not an inexpensive toy, and should be considered a starter vehicle for your child.

When first using you can let your child become comfortable in the standard go-kart mode, stepping up to the crazy cart option when he feels comfortable. Like many children’s go-carts, there is no brake pedal, and your child must slow down and stop by easing off the accelerator pedal. Some assembly is required, and the product does weigh 72 pounds, but the unique multi-directional steering system of the Razor Crazy Cart will definitely justify its higher-level price tag with years of enjoyment.


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