Dec 162012

Do not buy Rayman Legends! This game is so addictive that there should be some sort of inoculation that you must get before purchasing the game. From hilariously quirky worlds to heart pounding action, Rayman Legends offers everything you could ever want in a video game plus some surreal backgrounds that make you stop, back up, and look again as you play. Literally jumping into the action makes Rayman Legends one of those games that sucks you into the gaming world and keeps you there effortlessly. This game is fun for the entire family, even the adults, and it is the perfect game to play with groups of friends and family. Up to five players can wander the Rayman Legends universe, and the movement in the game is seamless.

Veterans to the Rayman world will recognize Rayman, Globox, and the rest of the Teensies as soon as the game begins. Improved graphics and surreal 3D boss battles make Rayman Legends the stuff of legends in the gaming world. Enter the enchanted forest and discover a strange tent that is filled with extremely odd paintings. Once you take a closer look at the paintings, you are sucked into strange worlds filled with rocket-tossing enemies and lost Lums. Although there are no vampires or ghouls in the Rayman Legends world, there are plenty of battles to be fought. This game lets you jump, punch, swing, kick, and slap your way from world to world while collecting points in the form of Teensies. A new character named Barbara adds some quirky style to the Rayman world in this newest version of the game.

The world of Rayman Legends is both familiar and strange to the returning players of this title. With new music and scenery, it is good to see that the strangeness that makes Rayman games so much fun is still alive in this installment. Veteran players will not be at all surprised that the music is as freakishly catchy in this game as in the past versions. Underwater scenes, forests, and even some spooky medieval themes create a whole new ambiance in Rayman Legends that you will definitely appreciate. Step back through the paintings to gather your wits, and then return to the game to rescue or release more trapped Teensies. From the silliness to the amazing adventure, Rayman Legends is one of those games that you never truly finish playing. Rated RP for Rating Pending, this game is likely to be a hit with all of the gamers in your family, regardless of their age. Rayman Legends is dangerously fun!


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