Dec 162012

The Raving Rabbids video game series is hilariously fun to play. These giant and really crazy rabbits head into a theme park where they begin taking over the entire park. Rated E for Everyone, those insane rabbits are so much fun to watch that it is even worth losing the challenges to see their reactions. From shrieking screams to crossed eyes, losing the battle is rewarded with bunny antics that will make you laugh until your sides ache. The theme park is filled with rides, restaurants, and games overrun by rabbits that are not bright enough to operate the controls, but are just crazy enough to try.

The Raving Rabbids video game series is a spinoff of the Rayman games. Lovers of surreal video games will be familiar with the eerie backgrounds and ever-changing hilarity of the Rayman style. Rabbids Land offers all of the adventure and silliness of this beloved series of games with new twists that are built to include up to four players at a time. The sheer lunacy of the theme park invasion will have you jumping and screaming at those nutty rabbits while you try to escape the big boss encounters. The Wii U component allows you to play the entire game on the GamePad rather than on the television if you prefer this mode.

Rabbids Land is one of those games that is both hilarious and exciting. This makes the game an uncommon treasure in the gaming world. Rated E for Everyone, Rabbids Land does not have the spooky feel of the Rayman series, making it perfect for the younger children in the family as well as the adults who appreciate clean fun. Without any real violence, the Rabbids Land game is perfect for adventuring through a rainy afternoon. Watching those insane bunnies stomp their way through the theme park is hilarious, but just wait until they get to the restaurants! From the Tunnel of Love to the Princess Castle, no theme park area or ride is safe from the antics. The Haunted House and the roller coaster turn the tables on the bunnies, making the park one of the best innovations in the Rabbid gaming world.

Fans of the Raving Rabbids games will appreciate the updated graphics and the new control system in the Wii U version of the game. This version is much more fun to play with a larger group of people, and it offers some unique challenges in the puzzle mode. Rabbids Land is more than an updated version of the old Raving Rabbids games, so veteran players will be as delighted with the game as the new fans.

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