Nov 212012

 The Powerline P2X Home Gym with Leg Press is a quality device which provides effective body workout at the comfort of your home. It is a great home fitness machine that comes in great construction, impressive features and reasonable price.

Key Features of Powerline P2X Home Gym with Leg Press

  • It includes Leg Press with 2:1 ratio.
  • It provides a great combination of functional and traditional exercises.
  • It parades a sturdy and strong construction.
  • It includes 160-pound weight stack which is upgradable to 210 pounds.
  • It has a 10-year Powerline warranty.

Product Overview

The Powerline P2X Home Gym with Leg Press presents with a versatile design which effectively combines functional and traditional exercises. This is made possible by its traditional home gym platform and additional functional keys, allowing owners to have a greater variety of routines, including pec flys and converging press.

This impressively permits owners to perform great body workouts in a compact space. With its low, mid and high pulley settings, owners virtually have unlimited option for exercises. It also has an outstanding construction, being built with fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys and durable upholstery.

Comfort during workout is guaranteed by its high density foam rubber hand grips and handles and multiple adjustments for seat and press arm. Other features include oval tubing, factory-assembled frame components, gauge steel connecting plates, sealed bearings at all pivot points and powder-coated scratch-resistant paint. It also includes 160-pound weight stack which can be upgraded to 210 pounds. It is covered by a 10-year Powerline warranty.


The Powerline P2X Home Gym with Leg Press is a well-built quality fitness device which offers a good variety of exercises for a total body workout. Its impressive solid construction renders it the ability to perform a heavy duty operation which is guaranteed to be smooth and secure. It also offers a good amount of weights (210 pounds) which is rare to be found in a home gym.


The Powerline P2X Home Gym with Leg Press belongs among the higher price range; though for some whose priority is quality they don’t really mind investing to this product. There were also some issues with the instructions provided for assembly; however other users don’t mind experimenting in trying to fit all pieces together.

Customer Reviews

Users have given great feedbacks about how this machine performs; its operation is comparable to those expensive gym equipment’s. They highly commend how comfortable they are in using this fitness device, being confident that they are secure during workout. Some users though think that the price is way too expensive which is heavy on their pocket.


As a whole, Powerline P2X Home Gym with Leg Press is an outstanding home fitness equipment which provides excellent operation that works effectively in keeping owners healthy and fit. If you are serious about getting in shape and want to be sure that you are making a great investment for a home gym, then this is definitely among the best options for you.


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