Oct 102013

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The physical form of Playstation 4 was unveiled for the first time at a conference recently. Although in the initial pictures it had a bit of a curious shape similar to the previous models, up close it appears to be a lot sleeker, catchy to the eye and a perfect example of how a two toned design should work. There are some harsh lines and though you might not describe it as beautiful right away, PS4 has certainly a design of character.

Gamers that are looking to purchase Playstation 4 should take note of the November release date. Being that there are already millions of pre-orders Sony is still yet to deal with those numbers and the fact that Christmas is not that far away – people have already started looking for PS4 deals so that they get the best price when it’s released. This will ensure they don’t eventually end up paying more when pre-ordering.

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In case you’d like the Playstation 4 for yourself or as a gift, here are the things you’ll need in order to get started: The HDMI, USB and power cables, a headset, the console and the Dualshock 4 wireless controller. You can find discounts on Amazon during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Though other retailers tend to sell the device at a fixed price, some will surely offer a discount. One other to consider is that if you don’t purchase via Amazon you’ll most likely have to pay for shipping as well. There have been some rumors about the possibility of a price drop right before it launches, though retailers have committed to refunding any customers who might get caught up on the wrong side of that by paying the higher amount.

One thing to take in consideration, especially if you’re on the lookout for a better value for money is that there are certain PS4 deals out there which you can gain from when you purchase stuff in addition to just the console. For instance, Call of Duty tends to be in demand constantly and you’ll be able to purchase the game along with the console. Other examples include the new FIFA, Assassin’s Creed and Shadow Fall. In addition, even if you choose not to purchase any games with your console instantly, you can still utilize PS4 deals and ones that come with player cards and patches to ultimately enhance your gaming experience.

Finally, even though it might take a while for you to be able to get your hands on what’s possibly the best gaming console to ever come out, you should be glad to know that you’ll be able to get it on time, at a great price, and from a reliable retailer! The wait is definitely going to be worth it and regardless of that, you should try looking into Amazon and seeing which games you could purchase in addition to your console to make this purchase even better and get you more value for money.

Black Friday Playstation 4 Deals and Cyer Monday PS4 Discounts

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