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Who has not imagined visiting a theme park based on their favorite video game? Picture that theme park filled with rides, games, and your favorite Nintendo characters. Now picture the game in your hand as you are leaving the store. Nintendo Land is the theme park that you have always imagined. The Nintendo Land game is like walking through the theme park and getting a chance to try each game with an “all access” free pass. This game is designed entirely to showcase the amazing game play that is available on the Wii U, and it definitely hits its mark.

With 12 minigames included in this game pack, Nintendo Land is filled with fun and surprises. Set in a carnival atmosphere, the game begins with the virtual theme plaza and allows you to walk through the park with your Mii character. Fans of the Nintendo game franchises will get a chance to hang out with all of their favorite Nintendo characters, and will get a taste of those classic games. Nintendo Land is divided into three styles of gaming that include solo play, team attractions and competitive attractions. Within these three styles are the actual minigames that are available for play. Among the minigames are Metroid Blast, Mario Chase, Donkey Kong’s Crash Course, Animal Crossing, and even Yoshi’s Fruit Cart. If those were not enough to get your attention, PikMin Adventure and Luigi’s Ghost Mansion are also included in Nintendo Land. To top off the fun, Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest is a challenging addition to the Nintendo Land universe and allows for five person play. Gamers who live for the Legend of Zelda will love this mini version of the game, making Nintendo Land well worth its price.

Rated E for Everyone, Nintendo Land is in the party game genre. This means that the fun can begin with just one person and include up to five people. Using the Wii Nunchucks and the Wii U Gamepad, players will appreciate the cooperative modes and will love the competitive modes. Multi-player modes do require the purchase of Wii accessories like the extra Wii Nunchucks. Nintendo Land is colorful, bright, and filled with classic Nintendo characters. The lively music and exciting game play make this game one of the best options for families with children of varied ages. Even adults will enjoy the trip back into Nintendo classics like Metroid. Five person play means that there is room for the entire family in Nintendo Land. The game offers wholesome family fun with enough variety to make it entertaining for everyone in the family.

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