Nov 182012

Move over Apple, there is a new player in the tablet market. Microsoft has released their new tablet, simply called the Surface. It weighs one and half pounds and runs on their new Windows RT operating system. This tablet is only 0.4 inches thick which is the perfect size when you compare it to other tablets already on the market. The Surface comes to you with a 10.6 inch high definition screen so you can expect to view crystal clear videos and pictures.

Very few tablets have a USB port and this is one of them. Not only does it have a USB 2.0 port it also has a Micro SD port. What does this mean for you? More storage and functionality. For example you can plug in your 8 GB flash drive into the USB port and you will have instantly increased your storage by a whopping 8 GB. You can also use the Micro SD slot to expand your tablets memory. You will be able to plugin other supported peripherals to the USB port. These include such things as cordless keyboards, your smartphone and even simple things like a printer.

Unlike the Apple iPad, Microsoft has decided to only offer their Surface tablet in two sizes. You can get the 32 GB or the 64 GB one. Bluetooth 4.0 is available on both allowing bluetooth connections to your smartphone or other bluetooth devices. You also have a little kick stand that is attached to the back, that you can pop out and use for support. This comes in very handy when you place it on a table and you are typing on it. Speaking of typing, one of the coolest features is the magnetic keyboard that doubles up as the front cover for the screen.

This is a full size keyboard that makes typing, so much easier than using the on screen keyboard. These keyboards are available in an assortment of colors too such light blue, pink, light orange, white and black. You can select your favorite color or one that best matches your personality. There are two types of keyboards one has actual small physical keys and the other has simulated keys. You can choose either the touch cover or the type cover for your tablet. One last ‘smart’ feature of the cover you will like, is that when you close it, the tablet automatically shuts off.

They have fitted the Surface with dual Wifi antennas, this ensures that you always have a strong Wifi connection no matter how you hold it portrait or landscape. It comes with a 720p HD LifeCams camera both in the front and in the back. If you want to watch a movie while you work or perhaps work on two different documents at the same time, you can do so using the split screen feature. The Windows RT interface has a few pre-programmed gestures that make navigating a lot easier, once you have mastered them. A handy preview version of Microsoft Office Home 2013 comes preinstalled on all machines. There are currently a few other apps available like Internet Explorer 10, with more to be added in the coming months.

If the Windows RT version is not suitable for your needs, no need to worry. Windows will be releasing another slightly thicker version that will run on their Windows 8 PRO operating system. It will have a faster Intel i5 core processor and will weigh about half a pound more. They will upgrade that particular model to a USB 3.0 port and add an extra input for pens. As far as hard drive space is concerned you will have two options 64 GB and 128 GB. This model will be available for sale in early 2013.

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