Dec 162012

Inspired by the “Secret Invasion” storyline, the Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth video game is a spectacular addition to the Marvel universe and to your gaming collection. Rated Teen for older children, this games offers everything you have come to love from the Marvel gaming collections plus a huge lineup of characters that are unique in their super powers and their talents. Included in the list are Doctor Doom, Black Widow, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Spider-man, and even Magneto. Each character offers four super powers with new attack modes and challenging velocity boosts, frenzies, and breakers.

Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth takes place across many exciting backgrounds from sprawling city landscapes to tree lined residential areas. The backdrops are new and exciting, making this game one of the more entertaining of the Marvel superhero titles. Battling to save the world from veteran enemies is not the only option in Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth. You can even settle those arguments regarding which Marvel character is the strongest when you battle hero against hero in Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth. Do you think that the Hulk can take down Captain America? You can find out in this Avenger’s game!

The premise of the story pits the Marvel Avengers against alien enemies called the Skrulls. Each superhero offers his or her own unique advantages in the battle against evil. You take control of your favorite character, and you have the option of using several modes of game play. Work against the AI to save the Earth, or battle it out in cooperative play with your friends. When you are tired of working together, step into the Battle Mode to play hero against hero. Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth is an excellent addition to any superhero loving gamer’s collection. Classic heroes like Captain America and Hulk will appeal to the veteran Marvel gamer in your home while also creating new fans in your family.

Whether you love the cooperative play, the challenges, the tournament play, or the arcade mode, Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth offers enough options that everyone will be entertained. The huge variety of characters available for game play make this one of the biggest games in the Marvel universe in terms of sheer choices to be made. From Thor to Iron Man, every classic Marvel hero that you can imagine is ready to battle the forces of evil in Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth. Take control of your favorite hero or villain and get to work saving the planet from evil! Once again, Marvel games create good, clean fun for the family.

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