Dec 162012

Madden NFL 13 is the newest venture in football gaming by Electronic Arts. The much anticipated Infinity Engine gives this updated version of the classic Madden football game a feel like no other gaming experience on the market today. With five different modes of play plus the return of voicing by Phil Simms and Jim Nantz, Madden NFL 13 is the Madden football game that football fanatics have been begging for all year long.

Madden NFL 13 offers game play that includes the new pass-ready systems that improve passing play action. This completely redesigned pass gives gamers the feel of controlling all of the passing action without the delays that obstruct realism in the game. New in-game transitions and a live ticker during game play make the Madden NFL 13 game look like more like a Sunday afternoon at the stadium than a Wii U experience. Available on a variety of platforms, Madden NFL 13 also has a social application for Facebook.

Included in the game is Madden Crossfire. This mode allows players to compete against each other in a turn-based game. Working entirely on the offensive side of the action, you do not have spend any time running your defense. This mode is a blast, and it brings competitive team sports right into your living room. Switch to the Free to Play mode and you can start with a fully designed NFL team. Make your plays and win some games, and you can gather coins for use in the NFL Auction House. Purchase your favorite players, and design the team of your dreams for your next game. The Auction House allows you to build your team by either selling or buying players, and it gives you the chance to increase your team management skills.

Scoring comes up on your live ticker while commentators in the 3D announcer’s booth call the plays. Football action is so real that you can feel the impacts and hear the bones crunching. The inclusion of real NFL teams makes the Madden NFL 13 experience one that is as unforgettable as it is realistic. Hardcore football fans will appreciate the gaming improvements in this latest version of the Madden NFL franchise. While game play is best in the multiplayer mode, there are excellent options for team building and management in single player mode as well. Madden NFL 13 is rated E for Everyone, but is probably a little complicated for the younger children. Adults will have a spectacular time designing their perfect NFL teams while competing against each other on the journey to become the best in Madden NFL 13.

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