Nov 202012

Whole body vibration training, which used to be accessible only for cosmonauts and later on to elite athletes, can now be experienced by anyone. The LifeSpan Fitness VP-1000 Vibration Plate gives you the opportunity to do it in the comfort of your home. You no longer have to sign up membership fees with expensive gyms to get a firsthand experience of what it is all about.

Key features of the LifeSpan Fitness VP-1000 Vibration Plate

  • 1st runner up in Fitness Professor’s review for best unit under $1000.
  • Comes with a 1 year warranty on labor and parts and 5 years on frame.
  • Horizontal and vertical vibrating motion.
  • 20 Intensity levels with up to 5 programs.
  • Builds up muscle strength, increase flexibility and improve balance.
  • Has a built-in micro computer.

Product Overview

The LifeSpan Fitness VP-1000 Vibration Plate is recognized by Fitness Professor Reviewers and awarded the product a 1st runner up in the best vibration machines under the $1000 category. Buyers are protected to an extent with its 1 year warranty on parts and labor and 5 years on frame. The vibrating motion is horizontal and vertical which is much better compared to cheaper units that only has 1 motion.

The 20 speed settings are great for beginners to start with and gradually increase to more advanced workouts with higher intensities. It can also be programmed for up to 5 workout settings. If you don’t reset or unplug the unit, those programs will stay. It is also made of heavy duty materials which give the equipment a 300 lbs. capacity.

To keep you monitored of your speed and time, the LifeSpan Fitness VP-1000 Vibration Plate has a built-in computer that displays the information. It also has a safety key feature so that kids cannot use or play with it. It also has a unique handle design that has multiple points to grab. The platform is a generous 15 x 23 inches allowing the user to do a wider range of sitting positions or lying n your back.


The LifeSpan Fitness VP-1000 Vibration Plate has a 1.2 hp motor is powerful enough for advanced workouts. The heavy foundation makes this unit very stable that makes you feel comfortable no matter what position you are in.


The LifeSpan Fitness VP-1000 Vibration Plate weighs 105 pounds so it is not portable. Moving it around may pose some challenge. The instruction manual is also a bit difficult to understand.


Many of the users have been sending testimonials on how great the product works. The LifeSpan Fitness VP-1000 Vibration Plate is living up to expectations and the satisfied users are recommending this to their friends. Others who came in their house, saw the machine, tried it out ended out buying one for them.


The LifeSpan Fitness VP-1000 Vibration Plate is almost like that professional equipment you can see in the gym. It is big and strong and will definitely last a long time. For its price, it is still reasonable and is actually a good deal since it first went out at $999.99. This will work just fine for new users and can also satisfy advance practitioners.

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