Nov 202012

Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine provides its users 70% focus on leg muscles strengthening and toning. The remaining 30% focuses on your upper body muscles. This machine works great in allowing your entire body to work out with just the use of one fitness equipment. This also provides you enough space at home because of its fold ability.

Key Features of the Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine

  • This machine provides 16 resistance levels.
  • It offers 4 heart rate control programs and at the same time 15 preset programs.
  • Offers wonderful warranty program.
  • Seat and handles have ergonomic design to promote comfort and ease of use.
  • Footrest is angled which pivots efficiently.
  • Has the capability to store multiple users’ data.

Product Overview

Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine suits everyone, may it be young or old generation users this machine is commendable. It promotes a low to none impact work out that allows the use of your entire body. This machine is favorable for those who want to save space. It can be folded and stored when not in use.

To keep users motivated, this machine provides 15 challenging preset programs that you will surely enjoy. You can also monitor your heart rate accurately since this has 4 Polar compatible heart rate control programs that are compatible to any Polar brands. It provides users a Large LCD blue backlit computer display so you won’t have any difficulty viewing your tracked data.

Speaking of tracked data, this machine can store multiple users’ data which is an advantage so you won’t have to reset the machine after someone uses it; it allows storage of up to 4 users’ data. If you also felt you’ve worked hard enough and you’re starting to sweat, you can use the built in and adjustable cooling air vent.

This machine is solidly constructed providing all users a solid steel support and an extruded aluminum frame. Once this Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine works, you won’t even notice it is being used as it works quietly. This machine truly handles obese or overweight users at 600 pounds.

When it comes to its warranty program, this machine offers the best warranty of lifetime on frame; 5 years on parts and 1 year on labor which are used on residents. It also provides 2 years parts and 90 days labor warranty for light commercial uses and a 1 year part for full commercial use.


Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine offers a complete workout to all gym and water sports enthusiasts. This machine uses a water tank which gives out a natural feeling of rowing. It operates silently allowing you to hear nothing but the water. This machine comes with warranty that one can hardly resist.


Other users are not totally satisfied with the heart monitor functions. It is slow to response and takes time to read.

Customer Reviews

Users are having great time with its ergonomic seat; it glides smoothly which makes most owners satisfied with its function. Some loves the quietness once used. You won’t hear anything but just the water movements. Others mentioned that the computer display is enormous thus easy for them to see and read their data.


All in all, this Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine is great for overweight users. This machine can handle large built users unlike other rowing machines that can only cater a maximum on 250-350 pounds. This one is well built, sturdy and safe for beginners as well as for pros. So owning this machine is really a wise choice. It has everything you need in all aspects and it’s inexpensive.

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