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When it comes to the hottest toys to buy this Christmas season, kids’ tablets are coming out top on all lists. And the two most popular tablets of the moment are the LeapPad 2 (from Leap Frog), and InnoTab 2 (from Vtech).
The Leap Frog LeapPad 2 and the Vtech InnoTab 2 seem to be very similar toys, but which one should you buy? Both companies have a good reputation and both offer a variety of educational, high quality products. The following information might help you to decide.

Remember that, whichever you decide, it’s important to put your orders in early before these items go out of stock!

An Overview Of The Main Differences And Similarities
Both the Leap Frog LeapPad 2 and the Vtech InnoTab 2 come in boy and girl colors – the Leap Frog LeapPad 2 coming in green and pink and the Vtech InnoTab 2 comes in pink and white. The colors of the Leap Frog LeapPad 2 are more vibrant and noticeable, but the look of the InnoTab looks less like a toy and more high tech.
Both units come with video cameras and the ability to take still shot photos, but the Leap Frog LeapPad 2 actually has two separate lenses: one to take photos and videos on the front side of the device and another lens to be able to take pictures from the opposite side of the device. The InnoTab 2 only has one lens that can rotate from front to back.

Both consoles weigh about the same with the LeapPad 2 being only slightly heavier. Both also feature tilt sensors, touch screen and use of a stylus.

Games, e-Books and Applications
The LeapPad 2 comes with four apps already installed and one you get to choose and download on your own. The InnoTab 2 does come with almost twice as many apps installed but it is more likely that your child will only use about a third of them. Most 4 year olds have no use for a calendar and address book, though they may be fun for pretend play.

The prices of the apps and cartridges for the Vtech InnoTab 2 are substantially lower than those for the LeapPad too. Both have eReaders, but unlike the LeapPad 2, the InnoTab 2 also has and MP3 player.


The Vtech InnoTab 2 and the Leap Frog LeapPad 2 pretty much have the same accessories. Both systems use batteries, but thankfully both offer rechargeable battery packs. If you do not want to splurge or worry about losing expensive batteries, the AC adapter is another option. For game play on the go, both systems have car adapters as well.

To protect the touch screen both companies sell plastic films to cover the screen surface, and there are also rubber skins to prevent slippage, but are not much good for anything else. You can also find hard carrying cases, which are good looking, but the Leap Frog LeapPad 2 supposedly can withstand bangs and drops and the InnoTab 2′s case comes with a tripod to hold up the back, but the game itself also has a type of built in stand so it also like a superfluous purchase.

Reviews From Parents
The LeapPad 2 seems to have sold better, so the average rating for purchasers can be a little misleading. The LeapPad 2 is said to be more educational, but the benefit of having the additional memory is that you can add your own photos or movies only the system fairly easily. Battery consumption is always an issue with both consoles, but with the the AC adapter or rechargeable batteries, they can easily eliminate the problem. One user did complain the the InnoTab would only accept the Vtech rechargeable batteries, but that is probably why the company makes them especially designed for their game console. In overall scores, the Leap Frog LeapPad 2 did score higher, but the Vtech InnoTab 2 was a very close second.

Stats Side by Side
LeapPad 2: 1 inch x 5 inches x 7 inches, InnoTab 2: 1 inch x 6 inches x 8 inches
LeapPad 2: About 1.5 lbs, InnoTab 2: A little over 1 lb
Power Source:
Both Use: 4 AA batteries, AC Adapters or rechargeable batteries
Screen Size:
Both: 5 inch touch screens
LeapPad 2: 4 GB, InnoTab 2: 2GB with optional SD memory card slot to accommodate 16 GB more

Which One Should You Buy?

When it comes to price, the InnoTab 2 definitely is a good deal for the money and the extra games and apps won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you really want the best there is to buy, and from a company with a good reputation, you should probably go with the LeapPad 2, unless your child just can’t live without an MP3 player. If you still have your doubts, it is always recommended to read other user’s reviews and even ask for an in-store demo.

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