Dec 162012

If you have not gotten a chance to dip your toe into the Just Dance gaming world, then Just Dance 4 is the pool for you. This hilariously fun and sweating-inducing dancing game takes challenging your friends to a dance-off to the next level. With over 40 new song tracks, the music is better than ever in Just Dance 4. Artists like Nicki Minaj, One Direction, and Punjabi step into the Just Dance 4 lineup, and there are some exclusive tracks reserved just for the Wii U gaming console including “Ain’t No Other Man” by The Girly Team and “Domino” by Jessie J. The newest version of the Just Dance games offers much more than new music. Spectacular changes in choreography make this dancing game much more challenging than its predecessors.

Just Dance 4 is rated E 10+ for Everyone ages ten and older. The game is not violent but does include some comic mischief that might be above the smaller children. Just Dance 4 offers a range of music including the oldies that everyone loves from the previous Just Dance games. You can rock your heart out to “The Final Countdown” or “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love.” With everything from top 40 hits to classic dance party songs, Just Dance 4 offers enough variety to please the adults and the children in your group.

Just Dance 4 also offers six rounds of Dance Battle Mode. This means you can challenge your friends to see who wins the dance-off by moving to all new choreography. New steps help to level the playing field, making this one of the best of the Just Dance series for newbies and veterans alike. Far from being less challenging than the previous titles, Just Dance 4 has really stepped it up in the steps department. In the Wii U version, a Puppet-Master mode allows the gamer holding the Wii U GamePad to change dance routines in mid-stride. This move forces the other dancers to get with the new choreography or get out of the game.

The Battle Mode and the Just Sweat It Out modes make Just Dance 4 more than simply a video game. Place the game in your gaming console and you have a fun workout companion that encourages plenty of sweating, dancing, jumping and fun. Just Dance 4’s Just Sweat It Out mode comes with a new calorie counter, live feedback, and even routines that you can personalize for your own fitness goals. Just Dance 4 is the perfect family dance game for adults and for children. The fun and the music will keep you coming back for more!


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