Nov 182012

The Giro Reverb Bike Helmet is the latest design to come from Giro. Their goal was to design a helmet that had all the features required by cyclists but at the same time it still needed be convenient for urban cyclists. They were able to accomplish this by using simple design factors. The first thing that anyone notices when they lay their eyes on this helmet is the teardrop shape. It is very simple, but effective.

The back of the helmet has three ventilation spots that were adopted from their classic helmets. Altogether the helmet has nine vents for ventilation. For the brim they opted for fabric instead of the normal plastic which tends to be more rigid and uncomfortable. The brim is also removable, just pull on it to remove from the inside of the helmet. This brim looks like a small cap and when in place makes the helmet look really cool.

The Giro Reverb Bike Helmet is very light in weight, you will not feel it weighing down on your head as you cycle through the streets of your city or neighbourhood. They were able to keep it lightweight by using inmold construction, shying away from the more commonly used hard shell helmet construction method. As a result of this, the plastic shell on the outside is infused with the liner inside. This makes this helmet more durable, in addition to the already mentioned weight benefits.

The AutoLoc feature is a godsend. Simply place the helmet on your head and it will automatically adjust the elastic straps inside to the right fit for your head. Some people have smaller or larger heads than others, and these people may need to adjust the catch basket for a more comfortable fit. To adjust the basket you just move the straps slightly backwards or forwards, it is as easy as that. The straps themselves are made from a comfortable material that is not rough to the touch.

The inside of the helmet has been fitted with soft interior padding that maintains that comfortable fit in all weather conditions. The Giro Reverb Bike Helmet was designed specifically for the needs of the urban cyclist. It is available in various urban centric colors like black, black red,blue, white, yellow and gray. You can select a color that fits your personality or your style. One thing is for sure, no matter what color you choose, you will look stylish and chic when you are cycling with this helmet on your head.

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