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The Galaxy Note 3 is a tablet and a phone, all packed in one device and full of useful features. It’s fairly large in terms of size and comes at a decent price tag, but does it really live up to the hype and should you consider it as a potential Christmas gift?

For the most part, Samsung smartphones tend to be made from plastic parts, and even though some people say that makes them appear cheap I wouldn’t exactly agree. The feel which the back of a Samsung phone has is amazing and it also has some sort of a leather appearance down to the last detail. It has plenty of design similarities to the S4 for instance.

There are also multiple colors to choose from: pink, black and white.

You’ll notice that the buttons are located on the upper left as far as volume and zooming goes, and the power button is on the upper right. This might get a little awkward because someone else using it might confuse it as the button for taking pictures.

The first thing you’ll notice when you pull it out of the box is that it’s far from small and it weights 168g which seems to be very light, especially compared to the previous version. It also has a bigger screen and is a lot thinner.
As far as design goes it seems to be pleasant to hold and look at, even though it might get tiring if you try to operate it with one hand all the time. The S4 which is quite smaller in comparison requires two hands for most people to be able to use comfortable out there, and it’s a tradeoff when you take in consideration all the unique features this device has packed into it.

It boasts an enormous 5.7 inches along with 1080p super AMOLED display. Its surprising how amazingly crisp the resolution is and the pixel density is incredibly low making viewing and media consumption an absolute pleasure! Not only are the colors displayed vibrantly and sharply, but the device allows you to switch between screen modes in case any saturation issues arise. You’ll have access to the Standard, Dynamic, Professional Photo and Movie Screen mode. The viewing as with most devices out there isn’t as great outdoors when exposed to direct sunlight.

The majority of upgrades compared to the previous version can’t actually be seen. It has a lightning fast Snapdragon 2.3Ghz quad-core processor along with 3GB of ram offering an incredible performance because regardless of whether you’re playing demanding games, surfing the web or watching movies – there’s absolutely no lag (even if you’re running multiple applications simultaneously!).

On top of that, the 4G connectivity is offered along with Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi option, NFC, infrared port that you can use to control your TV and a USB 3.0 port.

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Current Price: $49.99
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  2. […] Note 3 is the latest offering from Samsung in the phablet market (tablet + phone). Cyber Monday and Black Friday Galaxy Note 3 deals can be found at […]

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