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At first look you would think the Dyson AM03 Pedestal Fan is a giant magnifying glass or maybe even a large tennis racquet. This fan does not look like any other fan out on the market, and just like their vacuum cleaners, that is exactly what Dyson was aiming for with this unique design.

The traditional fans all have blades, that rotate to distribute the air. This Dyson fan is bladeless. The main reason for this is that they discovered that blades chopped up the air, so you can never feel a regular cold air breeze blowing in your direction. Besides the choppy air, if you have owned a traditional blade fan you know that the blades are difficult to clean and produce high levels of noise as well as buffeting as they rotate.

Dyson took the motor out of the fan head and placed it in the stable base. The head now serves only one purpose and that is to deliver a constant cool breeze. So how does this fan work without blades? Well it pulls in air from the base area and then pushes it up to be distributed evenly around the loop at the top they call the Air Multiplier.

As the air is pushed out through the tiny slot at the back of the loop, it passes over the aerodynamically curved surface of the loop. The surface was designed to allow the air passing over it to pull in more air from the back of the loop. This allows the amount of air to be multiplied by almost eighteen times when you are at a distance of about three feet from the fan. This is a lightweight fan that can be carried around to different rooms in your house with ease.

If you already have air conditioning in your home, you can lower your energy costs by using the Dyson Pedestal Fan concurrently with it. These savings have been recorded to be as much as 20 percent every single year. The small remote control allows you to adjust the airflow as well as the oscillation speeds from anywhere in the room. It is also possible to adjust the height as well as the tilt of the air multiplier, allowing you to point the air flow wherever you need it most.

This Dyson Pedestal Fan has an ingenious design that not only looks sleek but also keeps you cool in style. Oprah Winfrey had this as one of her favorite things in her magazine and she says she fell in love with ‘the breeze’ the minute she walked into Kardashian’s house for their family interview.

It is very safe and super easy to clean, you just wipe it down with a cloth as you would do for most other surfaces in your home. Like most other Dyson products this fan is rather expensive, but worth every penny. You can purchase it online.

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