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The Dyson AM04 hot+cool heater/table fan-Blue allows a big room to be heated during the colder months and cooled during the hotter months. If you want to find a nice table fan that allows you to remain comfortable, this could be the one for you. It can multiply the air that flows through it, which is always needed to keep your warm or cool. This table fan has a very unique safety feature. The safety feature includes an automatic shut-off response system when the fan gets tipped over for some reason. In addition, one more safety feature allows you your pets and children to be around the table fan, because it does not have any spinning blades whatsoever. You can easily control this table fan’s temperature and airflow with a remote control. You can easily tilt the tower fan to improve oscillation, which allows more angles of the room to be cooled. The temperature range for this table fan is 32 F to 99 F. The table fan’s clamp allows you to place it at just about any part of the room to get the direct coolness of its airflow. It also comes with a 2-year warranty. The tower fan weighs about 5 1/3 pounds, and its dimensions are 7 ¾ x 8 x 22 ¾ inches.

Dyson AM04 hot+cool heater/table fan-Blue Features and Specifications

Safety features- The table fan has an automatic shut-off system when it is tipped over. Also, this fan is safe for children to use, because it does not have spinning blades.
Control- The table fan is easy to use with a remote control.
Other features- Other features include nice range of cooling due to oscillation, direct cooling by clamping the device to a certain area, and a 2-year warranty.

Dyson AM04 hot+cool heater/table fan-Blue Pros and Cons

Easy to control with remote control
2-year warranty
Nice cooling effect by oscillation
Safe for children

Can be very loud for some people

Dyson AM04 hot+cool heater/table fan-Blue Reviews

The Dyson AM04 hot+cool heater/table fan-Blue could help you keep a room cool. One customer said, “I decided to buy this fan in order to keep my bedroom cool. It definitely does its job.”
The Dyson AM04 hot+cool heater/table fan-Blue may surely be ideal for you.

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