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When it comes to headphones, the Beats by Dre brand now controls a huge chunk of the market. Everywhere you go you see many young man and women with those huge headphones that have the trademark logo in the centre of each phone. If you would like the same sound quality but a smaller and comfortable set, the PowerBeats earphones are your best choice. These are designed to fit right into ear canal nicely and snuggly.

They come to you with a small travel case that you can store them when you are not using them. They each have a hook that hooks over your ear and secures the earphone in place. The actual earbud has a slight inward angle to it, this allows it to perfectly align with the external auditory canal of your ear when you hook them on. Once you have them in there you can go jogging, working out, walking or even cycling and they will stay in place.

The hook design not only hold and supports the earphones. It also carries most of their weight, you will not feel like their dragging your ear down. It is clear that a lot of time went into designing this hook. The PowerBeats by Dr Dre comes in three original colors which are white, black and red. However, just like the headphones they occasionally have limited edition colors like the green, white and red designed exclusively for O Magazine readers.

Inside the box you will find a selection of ear tips so you can select the perfect one for your ear size. Should you need to extend the length of the cord for any reason at all, you can easily do this by using the gold plated extension cord that comes with these earphones. You can remotely control your sound output device using the remote that is attached to the original cord. This remote also has a built in mic that is convenient when you need to be listening and talking at the same time.

If you are going to be doing any sports activity these earphones are designed just for you. NBA superstar Lebron James worked with Dr Dre on these, after he was sick of having earphones break during his workouts. Oprah Winfrey likes them for her treadmill sessions. As far as the sound quality is concerned, they compare with all the other Dr Dre products, however these have a slightly less pronounced bass.

Although these have been designed for the active person, they still can be used by anyone. You can replace your current earphones and use these for your tablets or in other situations like when you are on trying to watch a movie on the plane. These will make a great Christmas gift and are available in stores or online. Why the steep price? Remember you are not just buying a pair of premium quality earphones, but the Beats By Dr Dre brand too.

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