Nov 202012

The Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine has taken the revolutionary vibrating exercise technology of gyms into your home. You get all the benefits of the pulsating action minus the bulk of that gigantic gym equipment. As all gym buffs know, vibrators have been the trend in exercise regimens. This new way of workout has been proven effective in burning off calories and fats and at the same time eliminates impact in the process.

Key features of the Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

  • Its slim and compact design will fit right in your bedroom or living room.
  • User friendly console is easy to navigate.
  • The unit is fitted with yoga straps for advanced users.
  • Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine
  • Provides a low impact workout that builds up your muscle strength and promote better blood circulation.
  • Fights cellulite build-up and enhances bone density.

Product Overview

The Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine is the latest and revolutionary home fitness equipment. Commercial gyms’ have been promoting and incorporating vibration workouts in their training programs. More and more people have been reaping its wonderful effects and those who have tried are having nothing but good to say about its result.

The pulsating action stimulates all muscles in the body. When the vibration starts, the muscle tissues contract involuntarily. That contraction is what happens when you jog, bike or just do conventional calisthenics. Only this time you’re not exerting so much effort because you are simply standing on the machines plate. That is also the reason why this is a little or no impact training at all.

This piece of equipment does not just shake you around relentlessly. It has a console that allows you to choose some settings depending on your level. For first timers, you can opt to go with the basic setting that sends the minimum level of vibration so your body can start adjusting. For advanced users, you can use the yoga straps to target a specific part that you may want to have a more focused workout.

Beginner or advanced, what the Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine gives you is an intense calorie and cellulite burning experience of a 10 minute workout which is equivalent to 1 hour of regular workout. Results will start to show sooner than you think.


The Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine is easy to assemble. It can also carry a user weighing up to 300 lbs. For compact sized equipment, it is sturdy and durable. It also comes with the tools needed for assembly. For a powerful machine, it operates quietly that you can use it while watching TV. With 50 speed settings, it provides an excellent range to advance your workout intensity.


You may find the manual to be different but the pictographs are still easy to understand and will guide you through the installation process. The elastic bands that come with it may offer just a little resistance for an advanced user’s preference.


Most of the feedbacks have been positive. Countless users have testified how effective the product is. They have spoken highly of its efficiency and how well constructed the equipment is. Since they had started using this machine, the results of their improved health and condition have been showing and sooner than expected.


Like all fitness enthusiasts, result is what you are looking for. The Confidence Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine will deliver results that you can see and feel in just a week or two. It offers great range of intensity with its 50 speed settings. Great for beginners to advanced users.

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