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Nov 052012

One of the sweetest gifts to give your special friends and family at Thanksgiving, christmas, and other special occasions is candy, of course! You have options all year long, but there are some unique selections you may want to send as a present this year. Also take advantage of the candy black friday deals that will be available this 2012.

1. Candy Crate 1940s gift Box – offers retro gift boxes of candy from various decades. You can get a gift box of candy from every decade dating back to the 1940s. This generally makes a great birthday gift, but it’s perfect for Christmas, too.

All of the gift boxes differ according to what was popular during that decade. For instance, the 1940s gift box will include candies like bubble gum cigars, Slo Pokes, taffy, candy cigarettes, Sugar Daddies and much more. The 1980s gift box would feature candies popular then, such as Jolly Ranchers, wax fangs, Fruit Stripe gum and more.

2. Nutcracker Tower Candy Gift Box – Candy Crate even has some Christmas-themed gifts you can consider, like the Nutcracker Tower Candy Gift Box that’s filled to the rim with classic candies like candy canes, coal candy, peppermint puffs and more.

3. Ferrero Rocher is a popular Christmas candy you probably see featured in stores you frequent during the holidays. Each piece of candy is carefully wrapped in a gold foil, making the appearance of the gift as striking as the taste!

4. If you’re buying for kids, then you may want to send the Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Fun and Games Snacks and Treats Care Package Gift Box. It’s filled with lots of classic, portable games, popcorn and candy.

5. A more elegant candy gift basket for adults or families that’s made by the same company is the Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets Large Sweet Sensations Gourmet Food & Snacks. This comes with butter cookies, toffee, truffles, wafers, buttermints, cream puffs, caramel corn, cookies, cake and more.

6. Sweet Sentiments Gourmet Food Gift Tower – You might order another Art of Appreciation gift –- the Sweet Sentiments Gourmet Food Gift Tower. This is a gorgeous set of gift boxes designed with red and gold details. The boxes are packed with decadent sweets like chocolate truffles, shortbread cookies, toffee, cookies and bonbons. The recipient of your Christmas gift will probably keep and reuse these decorative boxes.

7. Broadway Basketeers makes a sweet treat that’s perfect to give as a gift -– the Gourmet Mini Gift Tower of Sweets. These boxes are also very decorative and they’re stuffed with taffy, toffee peanuts, caramel cookies (salted), and traditional chocolate chip cookies.

Before you buy a candy gift for someone on Christmas, just make sure they don’t have any specific food allergies, like peanuts or tree nuts. And if they have special dietary needs like sugar or gluten free versions, you can find gift baskets that cater to their needs!

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Nov 052012
leonidas chocolates

Know any chocolate lovers on your Christmas list this year? Want to take advantage of black friday deals by getting chocolates? There is an endless stream of chocolate gift sets you can choose from – some with nothing but chocolate, and others with a variety of items in the set. Below are the list of chocolate gift ideas:


1. Leonidas Belgian Chocolates – For the refined pallet or chocolate connoisseur, you’ll want to order the Leonidas Belgian Chocolates. If your gift recipient loves chocolate, they’ll be opened up to a new world of taste once they have these. They’ll get truffles, pralines, and butter creams with many flavors –like Antoinette, which tastes like a smooth Brandy, or Eve, a milk chocolate blend with banana filling.


2. Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate Party Box – If you have any Oprah Winfrey fans on your list, or just someone who enjoys hot chocolate around the Christmas season, then consider getting them the Serendipity Frozen Hot Chocolate Party Box.

She featured this on her Favorite Things episode, and it’s been a bestseller ever since. It comes with 18 ounces of their secret hot chocolate mix, two huge goblets to drink from, and the secret to making their perfect cup of hot chocolate.


3. Prestigious Wine & Chocolate Gift Basket – Many chocolate lovers also like wine, so the Prestigious Wine & Chocolate Gift Basket is a nice choice. They get truffles and toffee as well as chocolate covered sweet treats, all packaged with a lovely Cabernet Sauvignon bottle of wine. You can check out other wine and chocolate gift baskets here.


4. Ghiradelli Chocolate Gift Basket – Here’s a name every chocolate lover on your Christmas list will recognize: Ghirardelli -– and they have a Ghiradelli Chocolate Gift Basket that’s to die for. It’s a huge assortment of top gourmet chocolates, like the Ghiradelli squares, toffee or Espresso chocolate bars, and more.


5. Chocolate Sampler Gift Basket – One of the most popular (and more affordable) options for your chocolate loving friends and family is the Chocolate Sampler Gift Basket by ig4U. This cute woven bamboo basket is filled with treats like peanut butter cups, marshmallows, chocolate covered nuts, truffles, cookies and milk or dark chocolate pieces.


6. Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueur Bottles Gift Box – You can find a myriad of other chocolate gift baskets at all sizes and price ranges. Some of the sets are a little more unique than others. The Anthon Berg Chocolate Liqueur Bottles Gift Box is one such item.

If you know someone on your list who enjoys liquor and chocolate, then consider this gift. The box comes with sixteen chocolates filled with certain liquors, including Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Jack Daniels, Drambuie, Southern Comfort, Cutty Sark, Ricard, Jim Beam, Sauza, Stolichnaya, and Beefeater.


7. Mahogany Chocolate Box – Another top of the line chocolate gift option would be the 60-piece Deluxe Brown 3-Drawer Mahogany Chocolate Box. A gorgeous Mahogany tiered box acts as a display case for your recipient’s fine chocolate, layered with dark and milk chocolate. The sweet treat contains no preservatives and has 100% European ingredients.


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Nov 052012

Do you have a loved one or special friend on your Christmas list who is on a Gluten free diet? There are many people going on this now, even though it was originally used as a treatment for Celiac Disease. Now, people are using it as a way to treat autism, to lose weight, and to ease digestive discomfort.

Luckily, there are many gluten-free food gifts you can buy online.

1. Cherry Moon Farms makes a Gluten Free Gift Basket (which is made of all natural sea grass) that’s packed with cookies, chips, pretzels, tea, rice cakes and chocolate – all free of gluten for that special someone in your life!


2. Then there’s the Vegan Gluten Free Valentine Gift Tower by Sweet Pete’s. This gift includes handmade, natural products like sea salt caramel, dark chocolate sandwich cookies, pretzels, gummy bears, taffy, a lollipop, chips, and more!



3. The Gluten Free Gift Basket Stack is a nice option for a gift. This one includes some scrumptious snacks, like classic potato sticks, chips, trail mix, dried fruit, chocolate chip cookies and more.


4. One popular food gift brand makes a popular gluten free gift basket known as the Gluten Free Snack Basket. It has popcorn flavored with black truffle and white cheddar, a set of ginger snaps, and a bag of almond crunch trail mix, among other items.


5. Another good choice is the Gluten Free Gift Basket Classic. For someone on your list who needs the comfort of home, they’ll love this gift that includes chicken soup, kettlecorn, potato stix, and much, much more.


6. Know someone who has a sweet tooth but can’t eat gluten? Try the Large Gluten Free Cookie Gift Basket. This gift comes with twelve huge cookies and a bag of mini cookies, too. The flavors they get include Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Chip, Mocha Java, and many more.

The Gluten-Free Baker’s Gift Basket is a very thoughtful gift for someone on your list who loves to cook, but has to use gluten-free ingredients. This bountiful basket includes a 200-page gluten-free cookbook, and the mixes for pizza dough, pie crust, pancakes or waffles, muffins, crepes, biscuits, focaccia, sandwich bread, or cinnamon raisin bread.


7. Another idea is to make a gift basket on your own! You can find lots of gluten free baking items online or in local grocery stores, and package them into a basket that you buy at an arts and crafts store.



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Nov 052012

If you’re looking for a Christmas food gift idea that’s elegant and upscale, then you’ll want to choose one of the Harry & David options. Known for their luscious pear and truffles, there are many scrumptious gifts you can select from for everyone on your list.

If you’re on a budget, then you can still indulge in one of their delicious treats for someone you care about. Consider ordering some of their crunchy Moose Munch snacks. It’s a unique caramel corn blend with chocolate that packs a lot of taste into a small container.

Harry and David black friday and holiday discounts are available here!

And here’s the list of Top Harry and David Gift Ideas for 2012:

1. Caramel toffee or dark chocolate. There are many flavors to choose from, like caramel toffee or dark chocolate. You can order individual packs that are perfect for neighbors, teachers and coworkers, or build an awesome gift basket for someone close to you.

2. Harry & David Truffles are one of their signature items. You can buy the milk chocolate version or one that pairs their truffle line with their Moose Munch snack candy. They have other candy items you can select for gifts as well.

3. Relishes and salsas – The company also has relishes and salsas if you prefer to give someone a spicier gift. You can get Pepper and Onion Relish with a variety of flavors like Hot and Smokey, Orange, Zinfandel, and more. Salsas come in unique flavors like Raspberry Chardonnay, Texas, Black Bean and Peach.

4. Fruit gifts by Harry & David are very tantalizing – you might just order one for yourself, in addition to a gift purchase for someone else. They have categories for their gift baskets like “healthy and wholesome” where you can order gift baskets filled with ripe to perfection fruit, healthy nuts and sometimes additional items like beautiful flowers.

5. Shortbread cookies or licorice twists – You might want something a little more sinful. It is Christmas, after all. How about choosing a delicious gift a basket gift that includes their fantastic fruit options, but also a few sweet treats like shortbread cookies or licorice twists.

6. Creekside Gift Basket – There are two really popular gift baskets that have a little of everything. The first one is called the Creekside Gift Basket. It includes 6 Harry & David mouth-watering pear, white extra-sharp cheddar cheese, crackers, pepper and onion relish, some caramel Moose Munch, cookies, and licorice. This large basket feeds 4-6 people, so it’s perfect for a family Christmas gift or a hostess gift if you attend a holiday party in someone’s home!

7. Grand Northwest Gift Basket – The other popular gift basket by Harry & David is the Grand Northwest Gift Basket, which feeds 8-10 people. It includes 6 pears, 4 apples, cheeses, Moose Munch, relish, hot mustard, crackers, salami, mixed nuts, licorice, and a cotton towel.

8. Gift Card – If you know you want to gift some delectable food items to your friends and family, but aren’t 100% about allergies, and taste preferences, you can always give them a Harry & David gift card that lets them personalize their selections.

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Nov 052012

Wine and cheese pairings make wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts for friends, family and acquaintances. You always want to make sure that your recipient drinks win first, because not everyone enjoys an alcoholic beverage. But if they do, there are some fantastic choices for you to send them.

Premiere brands to consider in this realm  can be found at Amazon, – where many of them have free Super Saver shipping.

They have some selections that include wine flavored cheeses with other snacks and items like cutting boards, but you can also select an option that includes the actual wine in it.

1. The Fine Wine & Cheese Wine Gift Basket has an array of tasty treats, like a cheese spread, olives, cocktail almonds, and crackers. But it also comes with a Raymond R Collection Chardonnay.

2. Then there’s the Sonoma Tower Food & Wine Gift. It’s much larger than the previous item, and includes a Chardonnay and a Cabernet Sauvignon. It has similar snack items as the other, including almonds, sausage, crackers, truffles, and cheese.

3. A mouth-watering option is the Tuscan Trattoria Italian Wine Gift Basket, which doesn’t come in a basket at all, but a theme-fitting colander for the recipient of your Christmas gift to strain his or her pasta in.

The gift includes a couple of different pasta selections, and two sauces – tomato basil and Pesto alla Genovese. They get a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, and a special treat of almond biscotti.

4. Quintessential Reds Wine Gift Collection – This company also has many special collections that serve to make great Christmas gifts. For example, if you know someone who sticks to red wine, then you might gift them the Quintessential Reds Wine Gift Collection that has six signature red wines from France, Italy, Argentina, Australia, Spain, and Chile.

5. You can choose certain regions for your gift selection, like the Grand Tour de France Wine Gift Collection, which includes six wines from the most popular French wine regions – two white bottles and four red bottles of wine. With both of these options, you can add your own cheese and accompanying treats.

6. Wine and Cheese Gift Basket Cutting Board by Nikki’s Gift Baskets. This is a simple, yet elegant gift choice that includes a California red wine paired with cheese, almonds, bruschetta crisps and a cute cutting board.

7. The Chalone Double Delight Wine and Cheese Gift Basket is another great choice for your Christmas gift list. It includes a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Merlot bottle, as well as crackers, wine and cheese biscuits, cabernet cheese spread, cheese bars, and chocolate with a wooden cheese board, corkscrew and cheese spreader.

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