Nov 182012

At first look you would think the Dyson AM03 Pedestal Fan is a giant magnifying glass or maybe even a large tennis racquet. This fan does not look like any other fan out on the market, and just like their vacuum cleaners, that is exactly what Dyson was aiming for with this unique design.

The traditional fans all have blades, that rotate to distribute the air. This Dyson fan is bladeless. The main reason for this is that they discovered that blades chopped up the air, so you can never feel a regular cold air breeze blowing in your direction. Besides the choppy air, if you have owned a traditional blade fan you know that the blades are difficult to clean and produce high levels of noise as well as buffeting as they rotate.

Dyson took the motor out of the fan head and placed it in the stable base. The head now serves only one purpose and that is to deliver a constant cool breeze. So how does this fan work without blades? Well it pulls in air from the base area and then pushes it up to be distributed evenly around the loop at the top they call the Air Multiplier.

As the air is pushed out through the tiny slot at the back of the loop, it passes over the aerodynamically curved surface of the loop. The surface was designed to allow the air passing over it to pull in more air from the back of the loop. This allows the amount of air to be multiplied by almost eighteen times when you are at a distance of about three feet from the fan. This is a lightweight fan that can be carried around to different rooms in your house with ease.

If you already have air conditioning in your home, you can lower your energy costs by using the Dyson Pedestal Fan concurrently with it. These savings have been recorded to be as much as 20 percent every single year. The small remote control allows you to adjust the airflow as well as the oscillation speeds from anywhere in the room. It is also possible to adjust the height as well as the tilt of the air multiplier, allowing you to point the air flow wherever you need it most.

This Dyson Pedestal Fan has an ingenious design that not only looks sleek but also keeps you cool in style. Oprah Winfrey had this as one of her favorite things in her magazine and she says she fell in love with ‘the breeze’ the minute she walked into Kardashian’s house for their family interview.

It is very safe and super easy to clean, you just wipe it down with a cloth as you would do for most other surfaces in your home. Like most other Dyson products this fan is rather expensive, but worth every penny. You can purchase it online.

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Nov 182012

Move over Apple, there is a new player in the tablet market. Microsoft has released their new tablet, simply called the Surface. It weighs one and half pounds and runs on their new Windows RT operating system. This tablet is only 0.4 inches thick which is the perfect size when you compare it to other tablets already on the market. The Surface comes to you with a 10.6 inch high definition screen so you can expect to view crystal clear videos and pictures.

Very few tablets have a USB port and this is one of them. Not only does it have a USB 2.0 port it also has a Micro SD port. What does this mean for you? More storage and functionality. For example you can plug in your 8 GB flash drive into the USB port and you will have instantly increased your storage by a whopping 8 GB. You can also use the Micro SD slot to expand your tablets memory. You will be able to plugin other supported peripherals to the USB port. These include such things as cordless keyboards, your smartphone and even simple things like a printer.

Unlike the Apple iPad, Microsoft has decided to only offer their Surface tablet in two sizes. You can get the 32 GB or the 64 GB one. Bluetooth 4.0 is available on both allowing bluetooth connections to your smartphone or other bluetooth devices. You also have a little kick stand that is attached to the back, that you can pop out and use for support. This comes in very handy when you place it on a table and you are typing on it. Speaking of typing, one of the coolest features is the magnetic keyboard that doubles up as the front cover for the screen.

This is a full size keyboard that makes typing, so much easier than using the on screen keyboard. These keyboards are available in an assortment of colors too such light blue, pink, light orange, white and black. You can select your favorite color or one that best matches your personality. There are two types of keyboards one has actual small physical keys and the other has simulated keys. You can choose either the touch cover or the type cover for your tablet. One last ‘smart’ feature of the cover you will like, is that when you close it, the tablet automatically shuts off.

They have fitted the Surface with dual Wifi antennas, this ensures that you always have a strong Wifi connection no matter how you hold it portrait or landscape. It comes with a 720p HD LifeCams camera both in the front and in the back. If you want to watch a movie while you work or perhaps work on two different documents at the same time, you can do so using the split screen feature. The Windows RT interface has a few pre-programmed gestures that make navigating a lot easier, once you have mastered them. A handy preview version of Microsoft Office Home 2013 comes preinstalled on all machines. There are currently a few other apps available like Internet Explorer 10, with more to be added in the coming months.

If the Windows RT version is not suitable for your needs, no need to worry. Windows will be releasing another slightly thicker version that will run on their Windows 8 PRO operating system. It will have a faster Intel i5 core processor and will weigh about half a pound more. They will upgrade that particular model to a USB 3.0 port and add an extra input for pens. As far as hard drive space is concerned you will have two options 64 GB and 128 GB. This model will be available for sale in early 2013.

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Nov 132012

When it comes to the hottest toys to buy this Christmas season, kids’ tablets are coming out top on all lists. And the two most popular tablets of the moment are the LeapPad 2 (from Leap Frog), and InnoTab 2 (from Vtech).
The Leap Frog LeapPad 2 and the Vtech InnoTab 2 seem to be very similar toys, but which one should you buy? Both companies have a good reputation and both offer a variety of educational, high quality products. The following information might help you to decide.

Remember that, whichever you decide, it’s important to put your orders in early before these items go out of stock!

An Overview Of The Main Differences And Similarities
Both the Leap Frog LeapPad 2 and the Vtech InnoTab 2 come in boy and girl colors – the Leap Frog LeapPad 2 coming in green and pink and the Vtech InnoTab 2 comes in pink and white. The colors of the Leap Frog LeapPad 2 are more vibrant and noticeable, but the look of the InnoTab looks less like a toy and more high tech.
Both units come with video cameras and the ability to take still shot photos, but the Leap Frog LeapPad 2 actually has two separate lenses: one to take photos and videos on the front side of the device and another lens to be able to take pictures from the opposite side of the device. The InnoTab 2 only has one lens that can rotate from front to back.

Both consoles weigh about the same with the LeapPad 2 being only slightly heavier. Both also feature tilt sensors, touch screen and use of a stylus.

Games, e-Books and Applications
The LeapPad 2 comes with four apps already installed and one you get to choose and download on your own. The InnoTab 2 does come with almost twice as many apps installed but it is more likely that your child will only use about a third of them. Most 4 year olds have no use for a calendar and address book, though they may be fun for pretend play.

The prices of the apps and cartridges for the Vtech InnoTab 2 are substantially lower than those for the LeapPad too. Both have eReaders, but unlike the LeapPad 2, the InnoTab 2 also has and MP3 player.


The Vtech InnoTab 2 and the Leap Frog LeapPad 2 pretty much have the same accessories. Both systems use batteries, but thankfully both offer rechargeable battery packs. If you do not want to splurge or worry about losing expensive batteries, the AC adapter is another option. For game play on the go, both systems have car adapters as well.

To protect the touch screen both companies sell plastic films to cover the screen surface, and there are also rubber skins to prevent slippage, but are not much good for anything else. You can also find hard carrying cases, which are good looking, but the Leap Frog LeapPad 2 supposedly can withstand bangs and drops and the InnoTab 2′s case comes with a tripod to hold up the back, but the game itself also has a type of built in stand so it also like a superfluous purchase.

Reviews From Parents
The LeapPad 2 seems to have sold better, so the average rating for purchasers can be a little misleading. The LeapPad 2 is said to be more educational, but the benefit of having the additional memory is that you can add your own photos or movies only the system fairly easily. Battery consumption is always an issue with both consoles, but with the the AC adapter or rechargeable batteries, they can easily eliminate the problem. One user did complain the the InnoTab would only accept the Vtech rechargeable batteries, but that is probably why the company makes them especially designed for their game console. In overall scores, the Leap Frog LeapPad 2 did score higher, but the Vtech InnoTab 2 was a very close second.

Stats Side by Side
LeapPad 2: 1 inch x 5 inches x 7 inches, InnoTab 2: 1 inch x 6 inches x 8 inches
LeapPad 2: About 1.5 lbs, InnoTab 2: A little over 1 lb
Power Source:
Both Use: 4 AA batteries, AC Adapters or rechargeable batteries
Screen Size:
Both: 5 inch touch screens
LeapPad 2: 4 GB, InnoTab 2: 2GB with optional SD memory card slot to accommodate 16 GB more

Which One Should You Buy?

When it comes to price, the InnoTab 2 definitely is a good deal for the money and the extra games and apps won’t cost you an arm and a leg. If you really want the best there is to buy, and from a company with a good reputation, you should probably go with the LeapPad 2, unless your child just can’t live without an MP3 player. If you still have your doubts, it is always recommended to read other user’s reviews and even ask for an in-store demo.

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Nov 132012

It was only last year that the original tablets for kids first hit the market, and already the second generation of devices are out and set to be hot sellers this Christmas. One of the main kids tablets is the Vtech InnoTab 2. Is it really that much of a step up from the original InnoTab and, most importantly, is it worth buying?

Original Vtech InnoTab

The Vtech InnoTab resembles a lower-end version of a smartphone. The exterior frame is mostly white with either blue or pink accents and a touch screen in the middle. Children control the device using a stylus, the touch screen and the tilt sensor inside the game, making it easy for them to use. There is no photo or video camera, but the InnoTab goes come with an MP3 player so kids can listen to music or watch movies.

InnoTab Stats:

Measurements: 9 inches x 1 inch x 10 inches
Weight: Almost 2 Lbs
Power Source: 4 AA batteries
Screen Size: 5 inches
Memory: 64MB with optional SD memory card slot

Books, Games and Apps

The Vtech InnoTab has very interactive stories that kids can either read aloud (with the book following along with them), or have the book read to them by the device (accompanied by music and sound effects).

You get quite a few apps already installed, about eight, but of those eight your child will probably only use about half of them. The calendar and calculator are of little use to a four or five year old. You can download more books, games and apps from the Vtech website.


There is a carrying case in a variety of colors that you can purchase separately that has a type of tripod back to it, allowing kids to prop up their toy and play hands-free. There is an AC power cord in order to be able to play and eliminate the need for batteries or a rechargeable battery pack to save on disposable batteries and still keep the game portable. For game play on the go or during vacation, there is a car adapter both for AC power and the rechargeable batteries.

Vtech InnoTab 2

The frame of the Vtech InnoTab 2 is a lot more vibrantly colored and just looks more high tech than the original. Pink and white are the two colors you have to choose from, although the white version does have blue accents so boys could enjoy it without a problem. This unit has both a still shot camera and a video camera, both of which the original InnoTab is lacking. The unit is very light, weighing just over a pound and can customized for more than one child by saving individual settings.

InnoTab 2 Stats

Measurements: 1 inch x 6 inches x 8 inches
Weight: A little over 1 LB
Power Source: 4 AA batteries
Screen Size: 5 inches
Memory: 2GB with optional SD memory card slot to accommodate 16 GB more

Books, Games and Apps

One of the cutest games kids can play involves using the video camera. The camera itself can be rotated front to back to take picture of the child while holding the device or with the lens turned in front of the camera to take pictures of other people. Using the camera kids can take pictures of themselves and use their faces on game characters, or, using the video camera, they watch their screen and make it looks like the games are happening in their room, outdoors, etc. The built in microphone picks up the child’s voice to allow them to read along with stories at their own pace.


The device itself has a stand that flips out of the back, allowing it to sit up on its own. There is a hard carrying case that also has a type of stand in the back, but doesn’t make much sense to buy one if the device itself has one built in. Just like the Original InnoTab, there are AC adapters and rechargeable battery packs for use at home as well as car adapters. You can also buy plastic decals to protect the touch screen.

What’s the Difference Between the Vtech InnoTab and Innotab 2?

Color: Both come in pink and white, but the InnoTab 2 has more pronounced colors and a sleeker overall look.

Memory: The InnoTab only comes with 64MB of standard memory while the InnoTab 2 comes with 2 GB (not including option SD memory cards)

Weight: There is almost a pound of weight in difference, which is quite a bit for small children. The InnoTab 2 barely weighs in over a pound, while the InnoTab Original weighs almost two pounds.

Size: While both units are only an inch thick, the InnoTab 2 cuts off three inches of width and two inches of length, making it easier for small hands to grab and hold on to.

Microphone and Cameras: The Original InnoTab has neither.

Which Should You Choose?

If your child doesn’t own an InnoTab yet, then it’s probably best to buy the newer version. When it comes to upgrading, however, it really depends on whether your kids would appreciate the camera and the reduced size of the new InnoTab 2.

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