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Once you get your hands on your new camera, you will begin to wonder about the accessories will help maximize your photography experience, whether it’s a hobby or profession. Local camera stores are filled with very interesting accessories that makes photography more interesting, but which of these enticing accessories do you really need?

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Here are the top 10 must-have Canon DSLR accessories:

1. Remote Shutter Release
If you’re planning have a close up shooting or perhaps a long exposure photography session, then the Hahnel Remote Shutter Release will be your best friend in preventing vibrations. Furthermore, this accessory is also a necessity for self-portrait shoots.


2. Flashes
While your DSLR unit is integrated with a flash, shooting photos in rooms with low lighting conditions will leave you with disappointing results. The Nissin SpeedLite Di622 controls the flash light with greater precision and stability. The device also works to trace the lens movement sharply, for high quality results every time.


3. Batteries
Running out of battery while taking photos is really frustrating. While every DSLR and other point and shoot cameras make use of the pricey proprietary batteries, getting a spare is absolutely worth it. Batteries like the Canon BP511A for the 40D model are good ones.


4. Chargers
Some of the latest DSLR units now come with an AC adapter like the Digipower Canon SLR Charger. This travel charger is dedicated to the whole DSLR camera line by Canon and has a one hour charging time. It is also integrated with a CPU control to protect against over-heating and over-charging.


5. Hard Drives
Protecting your photos is critical – so having an external drive as back up is worth the bite. For an added layer of security, choose one with a RAID-1 arrangement, like the G-Technology G-RAID Dual External Hard Drive. This involves two drives that mirror one another, meaning both hard drives are fed with the same, real-time data to produce two copies of the photos or videos if ever one of the drives suddenly fail.


6. Memory Cards
You have the option of going for small and cheap memory cards, but Transcend’s 32GB is a sweet choice so you can get enough space to shoot tons of photos and capture plenty of 1080p videos.


7. Tripods / Monopods
A tripod and monopod comes very handy when you’re shooting photos in low-lit environment or when you want to achieve a tack-sharp focus. There are a number of ideal configurations available, but the latest models, like the Flashpoint L100 3 Section Tripod with Ball head features a multi-adjustable ball head for unlimited flexibility.


8. Skidproof Neck Strap
Neck straps are usually non-padded and made with fabric that feels irritating. That’s why it’s a good idea to consider a neck-strap upgrade. The Cosmos Anti-Slip/Skidproof Elastic Neoprene Neck Strap is made of shock-absorbing neoprene material to let you carry your DSLR camera comfortably and securely. This also reduces neck tension and is well-added for skidproof backing.


9. Lens Filter
After buying a new camera, then next thing to do is purchase a lens filter for protection. Sizes usually range from 58mm to 72mm, but there are several other choices as well. You also have the choice of getting a lens filter with or without effects but you might want to invest in a Hoya UV Filter to correct the bluish hues caused by sunlight when shooting outside.


10. Camera Bag
A padded camera bag like the Caselogic SLRC-202 is a must-have accessory to haul your Canon DSLR around. This will not just let you carry extra lenses and other photography equipment, but also protect your investment.


Among the great range of accessories available in the market, some are absolutely necessary, while some just take up more space in your camera bag. While your needs will evolve as you get more experience in photography, the above accessories will actually bring in a significant difference to your hobby or profession.



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