Nov 182012

The latest addition to the Bose home theatre line of products is the Bose VideoWave II. The original VideoWave was designed to be an all in one solution to satisfy the home theatre needs of any home. They want you to be able to have an easier and more enjoyable experience every time you watch movies or television. The TV component comes to you with speakers that are built into it and then you also have the Bose receiver that controls all the other components such as your BluRay player or the digital video recorder. For your music, you have the dock for any iPod or iPhone.

The stand out feature of this system is the Click Pad remote. This remote has a minimal number of buttons on it, basically just the buttons you use often. Buttons such as the power on/off, the volume and the channel buttons. However, they have designed this remote to also work with your TV screen for all the additional functions. A simple touch of the click pad activates the options on the screen and you can use your thumb to navigate and select the various available functions. You can program this smart remote to carry out the functions of all your other remotes.

The Bose speakers are not only built into the sides but they actually surround the whole television. These will provide premium quality sound for any room that you install this system in. It does not matter if it is the living room, the bedroom or the recreation room in the basement. The smaller 46 inch screen that came with the original Bose VideoWave is still available. However if you want a bigger screen for those Sunday football games with the guys you can now get the 55 inch screen. Both screens are no longer available as LCD, version two now incorporates the newer backlit LED screens. What this means is that the picture is now brighter and cleaner, comparable with any other televisions of this size on the market.

The Bose VideoWave II system makes additional surround speakers and subwoofers obsolete. All you will see in your room is the TV itself as the speakers are cleverly hidden behind the unit. Do not worry about poor sound quality, Bose has designed a whole new sound system that even includes a hidden subwoofer for the VideoWave. The wave guide folded inside the back helps amplify the sound producing unmistakable deep bass. The seven speaker system projects sound to different areas of the room, providing that surround sound experience.

There are two other cool features that you will love. The first one is, the Unify integration system which guides you through the installation process and sets up the remote to work with all your other devices. The second cool feature is the AdaptIQ technology which intelligently adjusts the sound coming out of your home theatre system based on the size or shape of your room and the way you have furnished it. The Bose VideoWave II will always produce the best possible sound output for any room that you install it in.

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