Nov 212012

If you want to give emphasis on your upper and lower body during exercise, the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is the option to go for. The product is versatile and with an adjustable height where you can do a number of exercises. Abdominal exercises are the main core of this equipment to provide you better looking abdomen. It has thick layers of cushions to allow tough workouts possible.

Key features of the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower

  • It has a multi-station workout for both the upper and lower body.

  • Multiple grip positions are provided on its chin up and pull up stations.

  • It has non- slip foot grips for push-up purposes.

  • It has an adjustable height- dip station.

  • Thick padded cushions for arm and back supports.

Product Overview

The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower multi-station works for both your upper and lower body. Some gym equipment’s focuses on only one part of the body, however, the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower is different. It has multiple grip positions in each station to allow you to work on all parts of your body.

Because the height of this equipment is adjustable, you can adjust it according to your preference so working out could be comfortable at the same time. Using this equipment is 100% safe because of its safety measures. This comes with foot and hand grips to avoid slipping; these grips are stable and firm enough despite tough workouts. So you can be sure you’re safe and away from any accidents or injuries.

With its thick cushions, the Body Vision PT600 Power Tower supports your arms and back sufficiently. It has smooth materials that will not create friction once your skin is rubbing against it. With all this comfort you will be able to exercise for long hours and attain the best results.


The equipment is easy to fix. You only need to follow the guidelines and the pictures on the user manual. It’s suitable to anyone; different heights and chest widths is not an issue. The Body Vision PT600 Power Tower comes in a tightly sealed box with its bolts and nuts placed in a large box to ensure complete parts once delivered. It is durable and well-built and with an affordable price.


Its durability is not reliable enough, for its price point it’s a possibility that this equipment will not last long enough since its not built using high quality materials.

Customer Reviews

Most customers claimed that the product worked as per their expectation and did not experience any difficulties. For some, its versatility makes the product worth buying. Also, with a limited space at home, this equipment can easily be stored thus providing you enough reason not to purchase other equipment’s.


Overall, this product does what it promises and delivers quality results to most of its users. Therefore, I can say that this is perfect for those who want to see results of their hard work and those who are on a strict budget. This is a perfect fitness equipment that will surely address your needs.

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