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The program Sesame Street and its furry characters have constantly been a firm favorite of grownups and children alike. With lots of characters having been made into toys, the ever before popular Elmo is given brand-new upgrades each and every year to cope with this need. Each brand-new version has seen Elmo become a growing number of interactive. Taking this to a new level allows Hugs Elmo, which has just recently been introduced and is readied to become exceptionally popular.

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Let’s take a look at some of its features

Big Hugs Elmo is 22″ tall and made of delightfully cuddly soft deluxe fabric and he responds to hugs and cuddles. He can communicate when he’s being rocked or bounced around and is even delicate enough to tell the child when he’s being held upside down.

How Much?
Present price can be checked right here.

Things We Like About This Most recent Elmo

There are a lot of great features. Big Hugs Elmo has a really advanced level of communication which kids will find remarkably appealing. He has versatile arms and a soft luxurious head and is the biggest and most huggable toy within the range.

Things We Did Not Like About Elmo
The only unfavorable points are that he is only suggested for ages 18 months and up, so although younger kids may be pleased with him, he may not be suitable, which might develop arguments with younger siblings. Likewise he requires 4 x AA batteries (which are not provided) and official details hasn’t clarified how rapidly the advanced communication features will drain battery life.

Who Would Buy Big Hugs Elmo?
This toy is recommended for children aged 18 months to 4 years, although I understand a couple of adults who would consider one for themselves. The toy offers a chatty little friend and will motivate the imagination and engage any young child or child.

Big Hugs Elmo is made by Hasbro, who pride themselves on their high safety requirements. This must give any parent the reassurance that they are purchasing a good quality and safe toy.

Is Big Hugs Elmo Worth The Money?
It would be difficult to put a price on the brand-new Elmo, but he is certainly one of the most sophisticated interactive toys presently offered. The level of interactivity will have most kids thinking that you have actually brought home the genuine Elmo as their own individual friend. This will definitely make it a toy which will not be put to the back of a closet or in a toy chest.

Big Hugs Elmo is catching the hearts of consumers the world over and so far is getting great feedback amongst consumers.


Big Hugs Elmo

Big Hugs Elmo

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